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Enjoyed a particular contest at Please participate in this survey. Let us know your top 3 favourites & why you liked those in particular.
  • Category: Requests contests - which three are your top favourites?

    Over the years, we have been conducting a wide variety of contests for ISCians as official reward programs. In some contests we see the same members participating repeatedly, whereas in others we see members participating off & on; while in yet others the response is really abysmal. A few contests have been conducted only once a year, others have not been conducted since ages! Hence, this is a general survey to know which are your three favourite ones to gauge the pulse of ISCians towards contests.

    Based on my memory, listed below, in alphabetical order, are the ones we have conducted over the years. In a response to this thread, you are kindly requested to mention which three are your favourite ones and, if you wish, state any particular reason why you like those. You can also list which three are your least favourite & why! Suggestions & general input for contests are also welcome.

    1. Active GD
    2. Article writing
    3. Creative writing story focused on a festival
    4. Creative writing story based on 'Me' theme
    5. Creative writing story based on a given photo
    6. Creative writing story based on a given caption
    7. Creative writing which is general in nature (e.g. one sentence is given & you add more)
    8. Creative drawing
    9. Crossword puzzle
    10. Essay writing
    11. E-book
    12. Fill in the blanks or any type of puzzle
    13. GK quiz
    14. Guess the Author
    15. Inter-related contests split into two or more parts
    16. Topic-based TOW
    17. Treasure Hunt
    18. Video creation
    19. Write a Conversation
    20. Write a Speech
    + any other missed out on this list - name which one.
    + any suggestion for a contest can be given.

    Hoping to see some enthusiastic participation in this survey. Do not be hasty to respond. Think over all the contests you participated in and then reply with clear feedback if possible about the reasons for liking/disliking a particular contest.
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    My best choice contests.
    1. Treasure Hunt - It is a quick time contest. (Missing from you)
    2. Guess the other - A good work to brain (We had it recently)
    3. Cross word puzzle - We need to think lot to get the answer.(Missing from you)

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    So many contests!
    I am not knowing all these contests. What is treasure hunt? I would like to know all these in detail description.
    I know only Guess the author, which is found to be very interesting.

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    My best Choice
    1. Active GD
    2. E-book
    3. GK quiz
    My Least Choice
    1. Creative writing story based on 'Me' theme
    2. Creative writing story based on a given photo
    3. Creative writing story based on a given caption

    Saket Kumar
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    As far as my choice goes I will put the following three as the best contests.
    1. Guess The author.: Needs a lot of concentration in deciding the author. We should be thorough with the section to understand the style of writing of each other. A tough but interesting contest.
    2. Ebook story writing: This is a good contest as the story will take different turns in the hands of the different authors and we may not plot our story till we read the previous authors write up.
    3. Topic-based TOW: This is very interesting to make a write up based on the topic and very tough competition will be there for this contest.
    I can't select anyone as a least preferred contest from the contests I have seen.
    But I have not had any Idea about Treasure Hunt and a crossword puzzle. These are not conducted during the last one and half year.

    always confident

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    I don't have much choice, because I do not generally participate in contests. This has been my attitude even when I was a student. I did not even participate in sports or games items. Only in a painting competition O had taken part during my school days.

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    As I am not a regular to all the contests being mentioned there in , I cannot make choice about my favourites. All contests were good and its good to watch others participate from the gallery.
    K Mohan
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    The ones which I find more intersting are:
    1. Active GD
    16. Topic-based TOW
    5. Creative writing story based on a given photo

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    My favorite would be:
    1. Article writing
    2. GK quiz
    3. Cross word puzzles

    Not a fan of:
    1. Video creation
    2. Guess the author
    3. Creative drawing

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    My favorite contests are-
    1. GD Contest
    2. Article writing
    3. Topic-based TOW

    My least choice:-
    1. Guess the Author
    2.. Creative writing story based on 'Me' theme
    3. Treasure Hunt

    I like few others in the above list GK quiz, Cross word puzzles, Essay writing etc. I also don't like E-book, Inter-related contests split into two or more parts, Write a Conversation, Write a Speech etc.

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    Except Creative Drawing and Video Creation, I am happy to take part in all other contests of ISC. However, I don't know what Treasure Hunt is. I have never got any chance to participate in this contest.
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    Respected Madam,
    My three best contests are:
    1. Article writing
    2. Treasure hunt
    3. fill in the blanks

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    Most favourite contests:
    1. Crossword puzzle, Fill in the blanks or any type of puzzle
    2. Creative writing story based on 'Me' theme
    3. Topic-based TOW

    Word games and puzzles: Generally I love playing word games and puzzles and so, I consider word puzzles as one of my favourite contests. Also, participating in word games improve the vocabulary and help to learn new or unheard words and their synonyms.

    Creative writing contests: To be frank, I was less confident about my creative writing skills and was hesitant to participate in the creative writing contests conducted in the initial days, when I joined ISC. One day I decided to break the barrier and started to participate in the creative writing contests which are being conducted regularly at ISC platform. Now, my level of confidence in creative writing skills has increased to a decent level. Thank you ISC for conducting creative writing contests! I look forward participating in more such contests.

    Topic-based TOW: It is one of the contests at ISC which usually has maximum participants. I consider participating in this contest as a big challenge because to me framing an appealing write up on a particular topic is not an easy one. It really helps me to think wider in a new perspective regarding a particular topic.

    Another one contest which I love the most to participate in is 'Article writing' because it helps to groom my writing skills.

    Least favourites:
    1. Video creation
    2. Creative drawing

    Video creation and creative drawing are not easy contests when compared to other contests mentioned above. It needs more patience, interest and knowledge. Not everyone will be interested to go out and shoot a video or create an interesting video content. Also, not everyone is perfect artists to draw or paint using a tool like MS-Paint. I think that is the reason why such contests always have less number of participants.

    I appreciate all the knowledge-driven contests which help to improve writing skills, thinking skills and creativity.

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    Haven't participated in many contests, based on what I've seen so far in the last few months, I would list them as follows

    1.Active GD: I like it because it tests the author's true skills, knowledge about a topic, knowing all the key aspects about it, then choosing for or against and presenting our views as a debate wherein the reply needs good focus.
    2.Creative writing story based on a festival" it gives an idea of who to choose a particular point, build a reasonably good story. It also helps us to read other's contribution and get ideas of how a topic can be approached in different ways.
    3.E-book: a good test of how good the author is a concise chapter bearing in mind the restriction on creativity that needs one to stick to the plot and not run away in fantasy.

    Least popular
    Initially, I thought GTA sounded good, but as the contest unfolded, I realised that it is nothing but a glorified match the following with not much of creativity in it. The awards were too generous for a match the following contest.

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    However, I am not able to eagerly participate in all the forum contests. The most liked one by me is "Topic-based TOW" contest. Because I like writing on specific selected topics, so I will choose this.
    I liked "Guess the Author" contest also, it was an interesting one.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    My favorite contests are:
    1. Active GD
    2. Article writing
    3. GK Quiz

    But of course, the TOW contest makes the forum section lively. I also like crossword puzzles.

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    My favorite contests are:
    1. Article writing
    2. Active GD

    Sorry I was not participated in anything else and I have no idea about rest of the contests.
    I wish, I take pat in all other contests too.

    Sri Vetri
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    I have commonly participated in creative writing contest like festival, photo-based and general topic mentioned. I have even participated in Active GD but was not able to contribute much. So I like the creative writing contest and sometimes article writing.

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    The order of ranking I give here is purely based on my personal preference as per parameters like ease, comfort, convenience and compensation CC viz-a-viz the, efforts and time needed, my personal abilities and talents, my personal likes of a topic etc. It need not be taken as a reflection of the quality of the contest per se.

    So my top three preferences are:

    1.Topic-based TOW
    2.Write a Conversation
    3. Active GD

    Personally I do not have talent in story writing. Hence I rarely participate in such congests. But as ISC has members with different talents we need different type of contests also.

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    I love your creative writing contests, Vandana. For me, they're the best because they give me ideas and inspire me to write. Although I do wish the word limit wouldn't be 500 (that's so less!) but you give us creative freedom and that's really cool. 'Write a conversation' contests are great too.

    I'm not a fan of drawing, video creation, treasure hunt, or guess the author, but I totally understand why some people would enjoy these contests.

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    My top three favorites are: treasure hunt, GK quiz and article writing contest.

    I always enjoy being the part of contest. Winning or losing does not matter, but the participation in any contest, makes you learn something, which is the best than any other prize.

    Treasure hunt gives the opportunity to explore ISC sections, GK quiz enhances your day to day knowledge and article writing improves the writing capabilities as well as one gains knowledge of the topics by doing some research before writing.


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    My favorite would be:
    1. Article writing
    2. GK quiz
    3. Essay writing
    Least interested:
    1. Video creation
    2. Guess the author
    3. Creative writing story focused on a festival

    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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    My favorite would be
    1.treasure hunt
    2.gk quiz
    3.essay writing making

    Reguards -

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    By the way, nobody is answering my question. What is Treasure Hunt competition?
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    This is how the treasure hunt works - I place clues here & there in the forum/Ask Expert/article responses, the first clue being in the contest announcement thread. You follow the clues to reach the 'treasure'. The clues are simple, but you should be able to analyze which section I am hinting at where the clue is placed and then try to locate the particular thread. An advance alert is given when the treasure hunt will be announced and only on that day the clues are scattered around ISC and these are removed only after the contest ends. Of course, I need to warn the editors not to remove the odd-looking text they may suddenly see & think it is gibberish!!

    You can use the search box and find the treasure hunt organized earlier for Christmas.

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    Partha, this thread can give you an idea about the contest.
    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    Nice! Lot of contests, interesting also. What is 'Tow'? And what are prizes given?

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    There are many contests in the above lists which I liked a lot. Many of the them were conducted frequently in regular intervals. I have listed my favorite three contests below.
    1. Creative writing story based on 'Me' theme
    2. Article writing
    3. Topic-based TOW


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    TOW means Thread Of the Week. Every week, ISC selects one or more best threads for TOW award and special prizes and awards suitable cash credits upto Rs. 60. During the last week of the month, ISC gives a topic to write. The best write up on that particular topic would receive the TOW award (Only one) and the special prizes for two or more best threads..

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  • #621188
    Let us welcome 2018 with treasure hunt contest!
    So, entire year become full of treasures!!
    What other members say?

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    The treasure hunt is a very interesting game. Members will be on their toes to find the treasure. I have won some treasure in the past. What is worrying is - After the announcement, there won't be encouraging participation to compensate the time and energy spent by the ME to organise such an excellent contest. She loses interest. Hence we did not have enough treasure hunts.

    Anyway, I would like to see a Treasure Hunt in this New Year's first week of the first month. If not, let us have it as Republic day contest.

    Only the Managing Editor can organise Treasure Hunts. No other editor or member can organise Treasure Hunt.

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    Thanks, everyone, for your input. I will make an attempt to conduct a treasure hunt contest and will announce the next e-book contest soon. Disappointing to know that the 'Me' theme contest did not rate in the popularity list. Never mind, though, will schedule the other popular ones in due course of time.

    Feel free to make a contest suggestion from time to time via a forum thread. We will discuss its feasibility & organize it if acceptable & it is possible to do so.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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