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    Just leave me alone: Often used by you?

    People have different needs, priorities and demands. At home, office, friends, even at schools, I've heard this phrase and wondered why people use this.

    This phrase 'Just leave me alone' has a profound impact on the person receiving it. For instance, a junior staff has a doubt that is very basic in our view but in their view, it's a big deal as they do not want to commit a mistake.The supervisor utters, can't you figure it out. Just Leave Me Alone, The boss forgets it but the employee is hurt and embarrassed for asking such a question, becomes quiet and learns to ignore further doubts and does what he or she thinks is correct.

    Imagine a smart kid who has found a way to make a colorful model aeroplane on his own and excitedly waits for the parents to come home. Parents are tired, as soon as the child gushing with enthusiasm finishes narrating his little achievement, abruptly the parent says Just Leave me alone now. The poor child's face fills with dejection and becomes sad instantly, goes off quietly in to the room. In a flash of a second, the exploring creative mind is changed to a dull follow the rules mind and the creative streak is snubbed out.

    Between couples or people in relationships, arguments are common, in the heat of the moment, one of them utters 'Just Leave Me Alone'. It just pushes the relationship and the bond a few steps back. The person listening to this (often the wife) becomes sad and feels that the one person who should understand better, has just turned a blind eye to her feelings. It crushes their happiness and radiance for the rest of the day. Later they learn to curb their inner feelings and desires and carry on mechanically because of the hurt they have suffered earlier.

    So, next time we have to use the phrase 'Just leave me alone', remember the negative chain of events that we set off in the minds of the people opposite to us. Instead, try something like, Give me a few minutes, Can we do this a little later or Can I get back to you.
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    Just leave me alone, is a very commonly used frame by the people who are very busy and not able to spare time for others. But in my life so far I have not used that phrase or I never heard that phrase used for me by anyone else. When the people are approaching personally for some reason or other, we should spare some time for them. If the person came to you when you are busy you can ask him to wait or can ask him to meet you when you are free. It is better always to be more approachable to the people and share our thoughts with them. Everybody will have some needs and they may approach a person whom they feel apt for that particular aspect. If they hear these words from that particular person they will get annoyed and may not approach again. It is always better to lend the ear to all.
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    You are right. The phrase " Leave me alone" is an irritating phrase that won't be liked by all. Especially in offices, this should not be used but replaced with cool words like - Let me first relax for a while - Why not we do little later - please come after few minutes . Of course, this can be done with the spouse which will be pacified with excuses at night.
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    True, sometimes knowingly or unknowingly we just try to avoid people around us without knowing its bad impact on others. I am in a situation whether at work or at home, I simply can't avoid anything comes on me. If at all I am busy with some urgent work or tiered enough, I say them to look into it little later. Saying "just leave me alone" when someone wants to ask or share something with you, I feel its very rude. Yes, when I am upset or anger, I do say or utter these sentence which is just normal but again, I get back to them when I cool down.

    A nice and fresh thread to discuss.

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    Nice thread Natarajan, yes these words are kind of very negative "Just leave me alone" and will have a bad impact on the other person. We should really be careful and not use such words, especially in relationships and other life instances.
    We really need to be patient in our lives and understand the people around. Saying words which hurt the other person, are having a negative impact to us too. So really we should try and use words like "Can we discuss this later" or so and so.

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