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    Please don't use your mobiles in kitchen.

    We all are having mobiles these days and they are almost like a part of our body. We use them for many purposes. But we should know where we should not use them. All of us know that while driving using a cell phone is dangerous. While the cell phone is getting charged we should not talk over the phone. In the same way, no one should receive a call or make a call when they are in the kitchen especially when the gas burner is on. The radiations from the mobile may ignite the gas from our gas cylinder. There are some accidents reported and recently I read somewhere in a similar mishap 6 people got injured. Another fact is that we should not use our mobile in the petrol bunk for the same reason while we get our vehicle tank filling.
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    It is a good alert as the using mobiles will definitely kill or spoil the cooking and thereby many are forced to starve.

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    I really wonder with your suggestion. To get something burst, an ignition spark is required. I do not think cell phones create a spark to get the gas cylinder ignited. It only sends radio waves, not heat waves. Radio waves never makes the things to ignite and burst.

    Please be sure of your post. Apply your good thought to the usage of cell phone in the kitchen.

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    Mr Sun, it is not my own. You ask any petrol bunk owner, he will also say don't talk on mobile phones when the vehicle is getting filled. In an actual incident, the gas caught fire and there are people who got injured. At a particular concentration of gas in the air will form an explosive mixture which can easily be ignited with waves of a particular frequency. There is a concept called auto ignition also. That is why I believe that there is a chance and I posted this thread. If I am wrong, at least with no concentration food may not be delicious as mentioned by the other author. At least to make a delicious food the cell phones can be stopped in the kitchen. You also be informed that an explosive initiator can also get initiated with a cell phone.
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    Few points about mobile phones and LPG cylinders and Petrol bunks. LPG is combustible gas under pressure, when there is leak or gas without a flame, it can be a potential source of a combustion followed by an explosion. Similarly at petrol bunks, the highly inflammable petrol gives of fumes as the tank is filled both from the vehicles tank and as the petrol is being filled. So we have a potential for combustion and explosion.
    Next comes the mobile phones. Most mobiles phone are not safe near combustible and inflammable gases. The term use is 'not intrinsically safe' ( unless mentioned by the manufacturer), this is because although a spark is not seen to the naked eye, each time the phone receives a call or a sms or a message, in simple terms the phone has to 'switch on' and 'switch off'. During a period a time, this process happens many times and charge is built up and can be potentially discharged at any time. At such times, the combination of these two can result in an explosion, hence a word of caution for mobiles in petrol bunks and kitchen. But I feel sad to say that I've seen staff speaking over phones in petrol bunks, auto gas filing stations etc.

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    What I feel that if the gas is already on there cannot be any problem we talking on the cell phone in the kitchen. However when the accidents occurred , we must take every care by not using the cell phones in kitchen.
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    Dr. Rao,
    You have said - ' At a particular concentration of gas in the air will form an explosive mixture which can easily be ignited with waves of a particular frequency.' We make an ignition through the radio waves provided we have set the same matching frequency to get ignited. This is what the method adapted to burst a bomb from the distance. The explosive is fitted with a device to create heat when the radio wave reaches the device.

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    There are some rare mishaps which happened in such conditions and science behind them may be a bit complicated to understand but the fact is that these devices give out some radiation which in certain rare conditions create havoc. So believing that 'prevention is better than cure' there is no harm in taking certain precautions with these gadgets.
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