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    Day approaching to change the wall calender

    There remains only five days to replace the 2017 calender with the new 2018 calender. This we have been doing for years. Different models of calenders are there in the market. However, the calender produced by major news papers are getting priority, these days. Perhaps such wall calenders contain more general information than simply dates and holidays.
    Several calenders are available than those brought out by News papers. Different Banks, other business concerns also come with calender may be as an advertisement. Certain calenders appear with colourful pictures of God's, flowers, natural sceneries, photos of famous National leaders, that of film stars. monuments, buildings, etc.
    There are table calenders also. In addition to calenders diaries of different types also are distributed during these days.
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    You are right. We are nearing to replace our old calendars. Though varieties of colourful attractive calendars are available in the market, I go for a daily calendar with 365/366 slips. I get it as a gift from my relatives jewellery shop. Each day slip of this daily calendar gives all the information in a 3/3 inches slip. Also, I insist my bank where I have my account to provide me a diary. Thus, my calendar need is fulfilled.

    @ The correct word is CALENDAR not CALENDER

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    Around new year's time we think of changing the calendars and dairies. Calendars come in various sizes and shapes. Earlier it was difficult to get a good glossy print wall hanging type calendar either as a gift or for a cheap price. Now we have multiple glossy hi tech crisp prints. We prefer the simple 12 page big font calendar with public holidays and space in the squares. Here, we scribble important things within the square as reminders. We have a collection of old calendars with God's image as we cannot tear it up or discard it. Elders feel it is inauspicious, so it remains rolled up and kept in the corner of the shelf. We like the daily sheet calendar was it has the rahukalam, yemagandham etc mentioned. Also, it gives a chance to preserve one slip of the days showing wedding anniversaries, birthdays etc of us. Diaries, we get 1-2 as gifts, I like the ones with a proverb or a motivating thought in every page.

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    As the new year approaches we keep on getting the new year calendars and also diaries. Especially our Kirana stores and Bankers would certainly give new calendar. But I really love and like to have the GRT calendar in Tamil which has all the almanac and also other important information about everything in that particular year.
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    The festival of Christmas is over and the English new year is coming. The wall calendars, the table calendars and the diaries are to be changed. Whether we can sell our old calendars in OLX we have to try. Otherwise, we have to sell them for weight. We will get many calendars and diaries. We have to distribute them again to somebody known to us. but we get a calendar from an ayurvedic manufacturing company in which all information about the day regarding Rahu Kalam, Varjam, Durmuhartam and star will be given. We will keep that calendar in our kitchen for reference purposes.
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    Thanks for correcting the spelling of calendar, Mr. Sun. But the 'spell check' in my mobile still shows 'calender' ? What can be the reason ?

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    Everyone uses calendar in one way or other. It is a great tool for time monitoring and scheduling things.

    Indisciplined people may not realize the effectiveness of a calendar but the industrious ones know it's worth.

    The new year is a time to switch from old to new calendar and find out when holidays are falling and festivals are taking place. People use various types of calendars like wall calendar, desk calendar, pocket calendar etc. Now a days calendar is available in mobile which is very handy.

    I remember I had a fancy for card calendar which is a size of a playcard and fits in a wallet. It was very useful to see dates etc on the go. Now I have switched to mobile calendar.

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    Calendars were a craze once upon a time. We used to yearn for a glaceing smooth calendar with a picture of gods, cinema stars, nature etc. Half of our front room wall used to be covered with such calendars hanging on nails. In fact the calendars also serves as a mask to hide the holes and cracks on the walls.

    There used to be 12 sheet calendars, 6 sheet calendars, single sheet calendars etc. The daily sheet calendars mostly popular and coming from Tamil Nadu only were a special preference to the house ladies, because they contained a lot of information ,especially about the religious festivals special days, the auspicious timings etc.

    AS the daily sheet calendar is not available for sale in my place,I had downloaded one such daily calendar for 2018 in the tablet PC fro use by my wife. . It will be convenient for her to refer frequently.

    I had already purchased one popular 6 sheet calendar for next year.

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