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    How was Sun's fun in the past?

    All will agree that Sun is a fun lover. Sun has posted many fun contest threads since March 2011. As long as Sun is present at ISC, his contest will go on forever. Sun has conducted KBC and Cricket matches at ISC successfully.
    Now SuN wants to know whether you liked Sun's fun contests. Are there any contests you hated and considered unfit for participation?
    Please post your responses frankly. SuN won't mind criticism.
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    Whatever contests I have seen from you are found to be interesting. Only one contest wherein the number of words were very high and at that time itself, I have mentioned my opinion that the contest might have been split into two contests. Otherwise no doubt they are good and interesting.
    always confident

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    Dr Rao,
    If ISC can have a GTA contest to guess 15 authors at a time, was it is hard to match 13 pairs at a time? You could not match, because GTA was fully loaded with cash prizes, and Sun's contest was empty with dummy load.

    No life without Sun

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    I like your contests as you have stated, fun loving, no prizes, no strict rules, just a mental exercise. The only contest that I failed to understand due to me being new to the site is Jallikattu. Hopefully next year I can participate, now KB Hathi is next to come. Looking forward to it.

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    Fairly speaking, you seem to be running a parallel show in this forum and always it is not correct. You could have waited for some time and post such threads. Of late it is observed that you are posting a similar thread/announcing a contest on the same lines ME is making an announcement and this particular thread is a sequel to the thread by ME - Name your favoutire contests in ISC. Isn't it?

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    KBH(Kaun Banega Hathi) may not be a successful one, as no one has forwarded the questions to me. I think, I will have to create my own questions to conduct KBH.
    I will organize Jallikattu in January during the Pongal holidays.

    No life without Sun

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    Frankly responding. I don't think anything wrong. What difference does it make if I post something in line with someone? In which way it affects the ISC or ISCian? I know, you are one such editor who doesn't love fun and favour fun of Sun. You always try to find fault with SuN. I think, as an Editor, you should stop following me to find only faults. Do participate in my contests to enjoy the fun.

    @ As a member editor, have you ever participated and encouraged my fun contests? Please feel relaxed.

    No life without Sun

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    Mr. Sun, since I do not participate in contests much, so I did not try yours also. But I have started participating in one that you were currently doing on "Happy Christmas and New year" in which everybody is writing a story in one or two lines. I liked it, I am not able to create stories, but since in yours we just have to write in one or two lines, I am able to write and make it. So, I enjoyed it.
    Your contests would be complete fun, I will try and participate in the upcoming ones for sure.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Introspection and analysis of the past events are always desirable for conducting such fun contests for improvement and I don't deny that. But the timing of your threads is the point of my argument and I don't say it is wrong, trying to mention that it is always not correct.

    Though you are the organiser of the contests like ISC cricket, Chain writing of Stroy etc wherein I had actively participated, it is quite amazing to know from you that I had never participated in the contests organised by you. Due to lack of time and personal reasons, I couldn't spare much time to participate in any contest even organised by ISC.


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