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    Listen to elders as they have more experience of being wrong.

    The elders go on advising the young ones and they always try not to listen. This is a common phenomenon in almost all the households. The elders might have committed a lot of mistakes during their lifetime and might have gained very useful experience. The youth by listening to them get benefited. They can save their time and money listening to them. Unfortunately, the trend is to pretend that they are listening but do not follow their advice. Always listen to your elders not because they are always correct but they have the experience being wrong many a times.
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    It is true we all learn from our mistakes. The elders might have done some mistakes and learnt some lessons. Similarly, they might have heard some lessons of their own experiences from their seniors. If we hear our elders we will get the knowledge of two eras. We need not reinvent the wheel. But it is the general tendency of many people to think that the elders unnecessarily tell something and they will not even hear properly. But it is not wise to do that. The elders will tell us their experiences. What have they done? How they erred in the works? How they rectified that mistake? This will become a good lesson to us. So it is always better to have a soft ear towards the elders. I am in agreement with the author that they have more experience of being wrong. So never neglect their words and listen carefully and get the lessons learnt.
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    I admire the advise given by the author that we must respect elders advise as they give the same out of their vast experiences probably got through so many rough weather in life . Once a guru want to test his students as to what extent they would follow him and his advise. He asked the students to accompany him for long walk. On the way they happen to cross the river. There was no alternate way but to cross the river with boat. But there were no boats too. Now the guru started to get into river lifting his two hand by praying God. One student followed the guru and was through to the shore, Others had the doubt of crossing and thus drowned. So if one has the faith on others especially the guru or the elders, they can be rest assured of success though the tasks would be seen as difficult and challenging but the ultimate result would win hands down.
    K Mohan
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    I fully agree with your thought Mr. KVRR. We, youngsters, listen to the elders but sometimes hardly follow their advice. However, they share their terrible experiences with us so that we make improvement and do not make such mistakes. But in most cases, we do not follow their valuable advice.
    I follow my mother's advice, but still, I miss out on many situations her thoughts. And then I regret why I did that.

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    Experience is the greatest thing a person can possess with time. It has no substitute.

    Whether our elders have committed mistakes or were successful in their efforts, in both of the situations they have gathered experience. So to get a feel of that treasure house it is imperative to listen to them.

    Elders are always happy to share their experiences with others and if we hear them we are in fact making them happy and at the same time they also feel that they have some important thing to share.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A great message, someone has said that experience cannot be bought off the shelf. A wise man learns from his mistakes but a smart man learns from others mistake and becomes wise. I have also done similar mistakes of not listening to elders. It is not that teenagers and youngsters want to ignore the elders completely, it is more than that. I think it is the reluctance to accept others viewpoint and the influence of changing times on elders and the youngster. The other reason is elders often forget that they were too young once upon a time and they too would have own views. The youth at their age want to explore, be adventurous and have a rebellious streak that needs a slightly different approach to being told what to do and how to do. They do not like to be lectured, do not want to hear the same phrases, When I was your age, I was doing this, I was doing that, I was not so irresponsible etc.

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