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    What is the criteria to rate the success of a government?

    Already BJP government at center completed 3 1/2 years rule under Mr. Modi's leadership. Mr.Modi almost highhandedly took some major decisions like demonetization, GST, issue related to triple talaq etc. Demonetization, GST like decision affected each and every individual citizen of India in one way or the other way. Mr.Modi's BJP party find their success in most of the assembly elections conducted during this period except in Bihar. Till now all mass media and social media gave full credit to Mr.Modi for whatever impact he created on people during his regime. But once BJP party showed little disappointing performance in Gujarat in most of the social media we find more negative talking and people giving some hints with regard to disappointments faced by people in BJP rule at center. Do you think winning elections only is the criteria to assess present government performance? Previously so many people argued the policies followed by Mr.Mod's government to result it takes long duration. But now people and political experts on social media saying how people get benefited in short term also is very important than in the far future. One of the common talk is BJP party is more concentrating on the winning elections, increasing more tax collections than on common man's welfare programs. For example, LPG Cylinder cost month by month increasing, there is no control over cost of commodities. For example, for the last few months cost of onions is Rs.60, Tamarind 300, Rice 1 kilo Rs.50 etc.

    Members, what are the benefits you got during present BJP's government and what comforts you are enjoying during the present governments rule than the previous government? Similarly what criteria you take to assess the success rate of the present government-basing on the hopes raised for the future by BJP government, benefits got during present rule of Mr.Modi, scam less rule as propagated by BJP leaders, continuous election winning spree of BJP party? Members you can indicate percent of marks you can give for Mr.Modi's government according to your perception till date?
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    In fact I would ask the author what benefits we got from the 60 years rules of Congress government previously. By the way 3 plus years are very short period to gauge a government performance as some actions taken by Modi government would give long term benefit and not the immediate result. The UPA also knows that country was plagued with corruption and Pakistan has been flooding with higher denomination notes but never had the guts to demonetize it . Now that hardly one year has passed, we cannot gauge the real benefit of such vast actions and we have to wait further period.
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    The assessment of a government performance will be assessed by the results of the elections that are conducted during their ruling period. So we will understand the people's mind by their voting pattern. The performance in Gujarat of BJP is not disturbing. The percentage of polled votes increased. Of course, the vote percent for Congress also increased. There is a reduction in the percentage votes of others. All elections after BJP's victory in parliamentary elections were in favour of BJP except Bihar. This will give an indication that people are accepting the actions taken and that are being taken by the government. There are may be different views of different people, Different opinions may be expressed by different channels and different media. The social media may write many things. But ultimately the public opinion in the way of their votes will be the correct way of assessing the performance of the central or state government.
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    The criteria to rate the success of a Government starts with the party coming to power, that itself shows that it has succeeded in capturing the minds of the electorate among all the other parties.

    Next comes, the concept of keeping things moving, we live in a society that is riddled with many evils and issues that have piled up since many decades. It cannot be sorted out like how you and I want because the system will just collapse.

    Understanding the major issues plaguing the country and addressing it, this is important and takes precedence over common issues of infighting and dissatisfaction.

    Further on would be programs that address the welfare of the common man below the poverty line, getting him some work, some respect and some help for his/her children.

    Any government worth its salt should aim at improving the country's image in the global platform. This positive posturing is important as it opens many doors that help us in the long run.

    A responsible government should infuse some new life and accountability into a system that is filled with lethargy and inertia.

    Increasing legal revenue and taking on corruption and unaccounted trade that runs into billions( that is often called a parallel black economy) is a difficult and thankless task.

    I think, in response to the title, the present government has done things that are perceptible and obvious as far as the above poitns go. I don't mind what party is at power as long as the country doesn't go backward.

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    The criteria to rate the success of government depends on the performance. The poll promises made and how they are being fulfilled will be watched. The manifesto of the party deals with important policies if they come to power. There will be many issues not mentioned in the manifesto that crop up from time to time and how they are handled by the Government also have to be considered.The present Government completed three and half years in power. The major policy decision taken is "Demonetization". The Government changed its goal posts many times. There were more than 60 notifications during its implementation. These facts and other data clearly indicate that it was failure and unwanted. The faulty implementation caused difficulties to the public and more than 100 lives were lost. The Government cannot take credit for GST bill. The hasty and faulty implementation is due to the inefficiency of the present Government. In demonetization and GST, the Government went on trial and error basis with disregard to the public inconvenience.
    The Government is trying to go strong on economic indices but not the social indices. The budgetary allocation for health, welfare, and education is not sufficient. The creation of jobs is a major failure of its election promises. The economic development claimed by the Government did not translate to the gain of the common man.The Government should always have long-term, short-term and immediate benefits to the country and the common man. The claim that the benefits are long-term oriented does not hold good due to lack of immediate benefits. The Government has no concrete plans for the immediate benefit perspective of the common man.
    The polarisation of the country in the name of religion and region is happening at an alarming rate. The Government did nothing to contain these trends except issuing statements. It is high time the for the Government to step in and take strong measures to curtail such tendencies. I do not consider the winning of assembly elections as criteria for the performance of the Central Government. The State elections are based on regional issues whereas the Parliament elections are a measure of the performance of the Government.

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    The present Government's superlative performance in building roads and in power sector is least discussed. In addition, the different activities taken by the the present Government in developing infrastructure and creating employment will bear fruit in future. The ''Make in India'' programme will make India self-reliant in various sectors including defence production. The Government is consciously trying to develop tourism and connectivity with North-Eastern states. The future generation will be benefitted.

    The Government has implemented OROP benefitting lakhs of retired defence personnel. The procurement of weapon and ammunition is in full swing, which was totally stopped during UPA-II regime. In social sector, Muslim women have started supporting the present Government because of its principled, correct and no-nonsense stand on abolishing triple talaq. These women have compared the present Government's position vis-a-vis that of opposition parties vacillating stance on this issue. There is no major case of corruption during the present regime.

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    @ K Mohan,
    You comment #620855 I don't understand what we haven't achieved in last 60 years? We are way ahead. UPA government corruption is still not proved yet and other party came to power just by using as propaganda. Three years way to long time to lot of things. We can't give more time to them as we don't want to go backward.

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    The superlative performance claimed in building roads and power sector is not supported by any statistics. The Government proposed to construct 40 Km of roads and achieved 20 Km as per the Minister himself. In solar energy, there is an improvement and the present Government added nearly 9600 KWpower. In Hydropower, many new plants are waiting for power purchase agreements since long.. Thermal power there is an improvement. Electrifying the villages is an ongoing project and there is nothing spectacular in it. Make in India is yet to take off and only future can tell about it. OROP is a must for anyone in power as Supreme Court ordered 2013 to implement it. Abolition of Triple Talaq is a good thing and yet to be passed. It is only a folly for the BJP to think that particular community women are voting for it. This is communalising the issue. Now coming to corruption, the party in power is vindicative as the ED and IT raids seem to be selective. There is no BJP lawmaker raided so far for corruption. Either all the lawmakers of BJP are angels or spared. Time alone can tell this. The non-implementation of Lokpal gives rise to doubts about the intentions of the Government.
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    The thread talks about criteria to rate the the success of Government. Earlier days, in India, the criteria were doing nothing and talking about non-violent ways of freedom struggle under Gandhi and winning election after election.

    But now, the criteria have changed. Now, the Governments have to work, showcase the result and garner support. In the changed scenario, the grand old party has been repeatedly failing and the party which works for the people without indulging in corrupt practices, wins elections.

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    How can election results say that government successful? also I think only road, power, bridge, buying weapons, not reason to say that government is successful. Government successful only if education is better, farmers are doing good, health programs are good, sports people other than in cricket also are taken care, poor get good benefit programs and things like that. People more important than things like highways and missiles.

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    The thread is very clear and seeking information about the performance of the government so that the success or failure can be decided.The present government has set criteria of "vikas", anti corruption, good governance, employment generation and new foreign policy on its own during 2014 general elections. Now we can judge the performance on these criteria.

    " vikas " was advertised as if earlier governments were sleeping. But the vikas is for some people and not for peasants, small businessmen and casual workers. There is a wide resentment in farmers and small businessmen for the policies of the government. The high handed decisions of demonetisation and GST ruined the economy of the country.

    On anti-corruption and black money, the government patted its own back with nothing on ground. They have not appointed Lokpal till now. Ironically, the SIT set by the SC is investigating the cases against Adani Group. The PM did his election campaign in 2014 in the chartered planes of this group. Demonetisation was an utter failure in achieving any of its goal. The hype of this move and polarisation were used to win the UP elections.

    The working of CBI and other government agencies are proving the good governance of the government.

    Employment generation has become a dream. There is a loss of employment.

    The government failed in its policies related to Pakistan and Nepal. China did not become our friend. Now Nehru's policy is being followed. India voted against Israel.

    In short, the government is a failure on all the grounds mentioned.

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    Although a learned Member has opined that "In short, the government is a failure on all the grounds mentioned'', the majority of the people don't feel and think so. They compare the present Government's performance with that of the previous one. They compare the credentials of the leaders of the ruling party with the credentials of the opposition parties. And I am 99% sure (if not 100%) that the present ruling party will return to power in 2019, provided there is no major mishap from now to early part of 2019.
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    I don't get how an election shows the rate of success of government. Elections are opportunities. I don't know much about politics but I'm an objective thinker and for me; low taxes on goods and services and a good increase in GDP would be the primary indicator of a government's success.
    There isn't a doubt that such government will obviously win the elections in the next term.

    Welfare and reforms come next. Lowering the tax shows prosperity. And to be able to lower the tax, the rate of production and selling must be exponential and linear. And when a government is self sufficient, it can then apply all of it's reforms.

    Here's exactly what Indian parties do, they try to apply reforms first, which takes out a huge amount off the treasure. Then to recompensate they increase the taxes.
    That's exactly why things weren't going as planned. But Modi; he understood that production and sales comes first and he first kept the capitalists and industries well oiled.
    Then he gradually came up with low budget reforms and seeing their success, he announced his ground-sweeping demonetization scheme. I still don't approve it but it looks like the GDP has increased due to his intervention.
    But taxes aren't going down because of his GST reform. Maybe, things will return to normal or even better once we get hold of our production and market.

    BJP is a good government. That is what my assessment is.

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    For rating the success of a Govt there is some basic criterion to be adopted.

    First and foremost is law and order situation in the country. How safe our children and women are today? Other thing is upliftment of poor and destitute. Next comes the conducive environment for business and manufacturing activities. Another thing is employment opportunities.

    If we compare the present Govt with earlier regime on these aspects then only we can find out its real worth.

    Prima facies I do not see any remarkable difference on these parameters in our country though the experts can only give the numerical values to depict the progress or deterioration.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Mr. Rahul (#621365): I have tried to mention some of the achievements of the present Government in my response #621127. It is a different matter that you may or may not accept these achievements. But many people do accept these achievements.

    "Instead of bullying your point of view,.....''-Kindly explain where am I bullying my point of view? I do hope you know the exact meaning of 'bullying'.

    Kindly choose your words carefully, if possible.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    @ Partha
    Well i read your response #621127 which states our government WILL do this and that. People will reap benefit in future because of our NDA government work etc etc. We are building roads, defense, triple talaq, muslim women. etc. You say with stats, investment, revenue, peoples who got jobs. I expect in depth response of our current government BJP. Until and otherwise everything is hollow and like Lie and jumlebaji
    Our government current
    We WILL give farmers good rate by 2022,
    We WILL give homes to many 2 0r 10 crore people after 2019.
    We already gave 7.5 crore jobs by mudra yojna etc etc

    Well the point is in your comment #621351 you used taunting language like "learned member". It is like forcing your view point.

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    Mr. Rahul: Most probably you are a relatively new Member and so you don't know that it is a practice in ISC to address Members as learned Members. There is no 'taunting' involved, this is only basic courtesy.

    Another small request. Kindly submit your responses in proper and simple sentences so that the Members can understand your view-points and try to answer/discuss those issues.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    @ partha
    As this thread is on our government performance. So, kindly stick with it. As far as your comment #621127 is concerned. It is not based on stats, it lacks data. Hence i don't accept it. I am not generalizing anything.
    Our thread is read by peoples on google. Hence they also don't know, What practice ISC member is using. You can use "respected members" instead of learned member.

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    ''Our government current
    We WILL give farmers good rate by 2022,
    We WILL give homes to many 2 0r 10 crore people after 2019.
    We already gave 7.5 crore jobs by mudra yojna etc etc''

    I don't find anything to discuss in respect of above comments. I don't think above sentences(?) are based on any data.

    Whatever I wanted to state, I have already stated very briefly.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Actually i don't own explaination but for you. It is BJP national spokesperson speeches on Television.

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    I am happy that the forum is changing language wise in case of some particular members. In a thread about history one respected member who seems to be pundit of history made lot of personal comments, but devoid of any logical points in favour or against the topic. Anyway, coming to the thread, I strongly believe that winning elections is not the criterion of success of the political party. This government got power on 33% of polled votes. This is not the majority of votes. This logic has been used by Lalu Yadav and other similar politicians. What is the difference between these politicians and BJP?

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