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    Child Labour - still seems widely existent in our country

    Although there have been quite a lot improvements to impart proper rights to the children between the age group of 5-17. To decrease the child labour in our country.
    Still, I think, we need to make huge progress to help children get rid of this serious issue.
    As per the studies, a maximum number of child labours in the country are found in rural areas of our country, where they are occupied in agricultural work and irrigation. Becuase of poverty, parents are engaging their child into cropping and rest of the things. In developing countries like ours, where the majority population is below the poverty line, children out of compulsions have to work illegally.
    Children working as labours have worse mental as well as physical health. They are deprived of basic education, a hygienic and good living, they have no happy childhood if we say.
    In urban areas, we can easily find some children who are selling flowers to us, some of them are selling some good books while we are sitting in our cars and try to ignore them sometimes.
    Children, in order to earn, have to work like this. The government needs to take some strict actions to help them come out of such situations and help them with their education and live a normal happy life. The best would be to help provide jobs to the parents of such children suffering from child labour.
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    The main reason for the child labor is the existence of wide spread poverty. In a house when more members live, pulling the daily chores is problematic and many a time it is a challenge too. Gone are the days when one person used to earn and many used to eat with his earnings. But given the cost of living, it is not possible to nurture others with the meager earnings and thus the parents force the young child to fetch some earnings as child labor and start earning for himself and the family. This is the pertinent problem we are facing in the old city of Hyderabad. The children are forced to work as labors in glass bangle factories, eateries, bakeries, or they would be asked to sell some items on road near Charminar area and thus many families are solely depending on such earnings. That is the reason being so child labor cannot be fully eradicated.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is true. In the unorganised sector, we will find many children working for daily wages. With strict control, supervision and inspection the government is successful in stopping the employment of children as labour in the organised sector. But in cultivation, farming and other activities especially in villages there is no control on this issue. Many times we observe kids on the roadside selling some books are articles which will get attracted by the commuters. It is their innocent nature is exploited. The Government is supporting people who can not afford education and others, They are giving scholarships, free midday meals, books and uniforms. Even then they have no interest in them. We can't spoil the children who are below the age of employment by sending them to work. The parents should observe their interest, utilise the help that is being rendered by the Governemnt and let them come here immediately.
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    I totally agree to the author . Actullau our government has to take very effective steps to remove this child labour from our country. As every one said its due to poverty. Even though measures are taken by government it should be more effective.

    We need an educated country, we need to develope more .

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    As far as politicians and policy makers are considered child labor does not exist. But it is difficult to stop it completely, common people like you and me would still see it happening. India is a vast country with a vast difference between rich and poor. Corruption and lethargy in the system also add on for such practices to continue. We still see children selling newspapers, supplying flowers and milk, working in small hotels, in kitchens and at homes as household help/cleaning/babysitters. Earlier we used to see children working at construction sites, big hotels and apartments,now that has come down. Many families struggle to earn money enough for food. So, such poor parents are forced to use their children in their own shop or send them out for work. Whatever little these children earn will help the families, unfortunately, the freedom of these children for basic education and playing around is curtailed.

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