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    The season of snow and the chill around

    Since the winter season is at its peak. We are all packed in our rooms, in our blankets, thinking of how cold it will be at the coldest places in our country or the world.
    Having tea and some nice snacks, we think of enjoying in the snowy places, that yes we will go one or the other day there.
    There are places like Shimla, Uttarakhand, Katra and many other cold places in India. The winter season and followed by a snowfall is simply unique. It is such a beautiful view.
    People like to climb mountains and do trekking to visit such places. Formation of a snowman, then playing with snowballs. It is a complete fun. Winter season and cold places are the best places and times to spend a good time. There are good chances of ice skating also, you can try that too if it is a huge amount of ice available.
    Kashmir is one such beautiful place to visit. You can try wearing Kashmiri clothes, taking a ride in the lakes in those dresses. A wonderful experience that would be.
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    Winter season is the best for any one to enjoy the nature in full. The weather would be chill and at some places even ice would falling as rain. During winter only we can find people wearing colorful clothes covering their body with wind cheaters, sweaters and covering the face and head with mufflers. When I was in Delhi for five years the winters were extreme and many times it was in minus degrees. In our office there were room heaters to facilitate warmth in the room so that work wont get hampered. In South we may not have extreme cold conditions but still when the North experience the cold wave, we also get the feeling of the same and some people would be indoors and wont venture out. Winter makes us induce to eat much snacks prepared during the evenings and in Hyderabad Mirch Bajjis and Aloo Bajjis are famous. And some would have the samosa ragada combination with some spicy flavor.
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    Yes. The winter is the best season. it is very good for nature lovers. They can enjoy the environment. It is a feeling to be there in a very cold atmosphere. I was in a place where the temperature is about zero degrees daytime. In the night time, it may be even -10 degrees centigrade. The rooms are fitted with heaters in the night. Daytime we have to go with a woollen clothes and inners for good warm. otherwise, we will be not able to walk. I have seen many ice pieces on the road I have to walk on the ice pieces. It is quite difficult to manage. But I liked that atmosphere enjoyed there.
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    Winter, the chill weather, the mist all brings back memories of the days in the past where we enjoyed in the snow covering all the exposed places giving the look of a white blanket. Children enjoyed making snowman and sticking a carrot for the nose. Almost every house will have a big or small snowman made by the kids. In the parks they would be sliding around on anything that is smooth and flat. We have never done trekking in the winter, many some time we can try. One of the best things is to sit out on a chair with a bowl of hot soup and enjoying the landscape and weather. Once we get used to the chill, people start to enjoy, different layers of clothes and good safe pair of shoes are important to avoid tripping down. Good skin care and lip care is important to avoid cracks and fissures that burn the moment we eat something. A thought for the elderly people who have to struggle during these cold winters, those with chest diseases who have to take care of themselves and not venture out much.

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