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    Are we free from germs?

    We are very hygienic. We do take daily showers, wash our hands before and after every meal and so on. Some carry a sanitizer with them. But still, we are not safe and not free from germs. There are things which we can avoid like, standing very close to others in a bus, shaking hands often etc. But how will we enter a room without touching the door handle? How will we pay money to the grocery shop without taking coins or notes in hand? How will we reach our office without pressing the lift button?

    Be it lift button, coins/notes, door handle, handrail, documents etc we deal with these on a daily basis. Not only us but many, hence these are prone to germs. I admit that we wash our hands before having food but do we wash our hands before touching our face every time? Applying sanitizer does help killing germs but it is not good for our skin in the long run.

    Members, come up with ideas on how can we get rid off these germs.
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    Good post from the author. Yes we do wash our hands before and after having the food. But we seldom wash our hands before touching our face and that is really needed. Face is our introduction part of the body and through this face we may attract many and we discard some too,. Once I had been to a hospital to see a new born baby and there the nurse gave me the sanitizer and then allowed me to lift the baby with my hands. When I questioned about that, she said the same thing what the author has revealed. New born babies can easily attract any disease from out side with a simple touch from any one. It is good to wash the hands before touching our face but what about the situation when we are on the move and wants to set right our face to make more attractive. In that case we have to compromise by using the hands without having washed it.
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    It is no possible to avoid touching our face without washing our hands many times. But what I feel is by cleaning hands thoroughly after every eating and coming back to home after finishing our works, every time when we use our washroom by washing hands and foot with soap, we can avoid germs to affect us to a large extent. In any case, we can't rule out warms. So no one can be free from this germs. But recently I have seen a spray which will make your hand free of germs. I have seen some people keeping that spray in their bag or pocket and use very frequently. But I don't know that much care is required for keeping neatness. Anyhow this is a requirement of the hour. The person who wants to be very very careful can go for these sprays with them.
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    You know what, we are living already a stressful life, running from morning to evening to get a peaceful life. The rest our life is make up by the TV advertisements, where everyday one new company born and claim that they are most strongest brand to kill germs. If in every 10 minutes people see such advertisements, it is obvious it impact on body and brain. Sometimes I feel the life we are living is for such branded company, they force us to buy their products so that we can be free with all illness.

    Not long ago, when I was a kid, we used to apply earth soil in our wound or apply any green leaf's juice to (which we made it squeezing between our palm) to cure ourselves. Now, the life we are living in the boundary of apartments. It brought a big changes in our life. From nature to artificial surrounding.

    Why I said in above that it is not a big deal if we are living with germs in air. How come we say that in olden days there were no germs? And, people still used to live healthy?

    Now come to the point. It is not possible to live without germs which are the part of nature. I am not saying that it is not increasing but how long one will keep oneself away from it? Washing hand is a necessity and one can't run from it. However, instead of thinking about it, we should prepare our body to fight it. One can only do this by eating healthy food. If one is weak by body, no matter how expensive product he/she use to get away with germs, he/she may not be successful. At this juncture we should make our both mind and body stronger rather than keep thinking about how to fight with germs.

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    We cannot and should not live such a sanitise life where there are zero germs and micro organisms. Mostly it is not practical also. There are millions f micro-organisms of which a few cause illness to us. There are many helpful micro organisms also.
    In fact every second many hundreds of such micro organisms s are attacking our body by entering through our eyes, nose, ears, mouth,scratches and abrasions and also settling on the skin. Our body's resistance and immune mechanisms fight and keep body protected from them. However when our body's immunity power and defense mechanisms become weak, we suffer from illness from these germs.

    Living clean, hygienic and healthy( different from sterile) life can help prevent from becoming vulnerable o these germs. If one lives a totally sterile life, then the body cannot create or maintain its immunity mechanism and w become easily vulnerable and cannot resist even a mild attack from microorganisms.

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    Nice thread, the simple answer is it is impossible to avoid picking up germs form the day to day items that we touch or handle during our office work, at home or at public places. Hospitals insist doctors and visitors to wash their hands before touching the patient because they can pass on germs.
    If you scrape our skin and try to grow bacteria, you will grow normal bacteria that are harbored by us. Our immune system also needs some challenge to keep our immunity high. For instance, many people at office have food in the cafe, restaurants regularly without much trouble yet some people when they have food outside on the odd occasion, they have diarrhea. All the hand sanitizers have alcohol based products that are harmful to the skin. In fact,many doctors who wash their hands regularly with these sterilizing solutions, use moisturizing creams on their hands to avoid dermatitis. If somebody has not resistance to fight infections due to various diseases, then they need to follow hand washing religiously, but the rest of us should be fine. Obviously we should wash our hands before preparing and handling and consuming food.

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    No, we are not at all free from germs. There are bacterias around in some of the other ways. We always wash our hands before and after eating the meals. But yes, we do not care about washing our hand before touching our face, because the face has most sensitive skin.
    In any way, it is hard to be completely free from germs, because even this air is a mixture of a lot of gases, and some people are sneezing and coughing in the same air, which is containing a lot of germs again and this is coming to us unknowingly. It is about how strong our immune system is, that it does not get affected.
    We should however try our best to be hygienic. Atleast we can try what is possible for us.

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