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    Are you a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian?

    Let's talk about our eating habits.
    Whenever we are in a group, either with our colleagues or our friends, the one basic question that will come when we are about to order food for ourselves is "Would you eat veg or non-veg?". Answering this question is very simple, but getting replies to those answers is hard to handle, especially when you do not eat non-vegetarian food.
    This often happens with me because I don't eat chicken or anything or any non-veg foodstuff. All of my team members are fond of the non-vegetarian meal and they would eat chicken leg pieces at least once a week. I have observed, there are 90% people eating non-veg now, and rest of them still eat the leafy foods and are vegetarian food. Some of the people would make fun saying "these veg people eat grass because they do not eat everything." That is not at all funny I think. Even one of my colleague, do not eat onions and garlic also. People make fun of him as well. Some of the non-veg eaters even say, "what do you eat when you don't eat non-veg." Of course, there are a lot of things for vegetarian people to eat. Some of them would also ask the vegetarians to start eating non-veg. Let it be, I think non-veg people should think about themselves first and not about others. I get tired of such a behaviour. Everybody have their own choice of eating, atleast nobody should make fun of things.
    Have you also faced any such scenario, about your eating habit related to veg or non-veg? Do share.
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    We are pure vegetarians and would stay so. I have seen many people eating egg as vegetarian, which is not as per my view. Egg comes from a living being and hence it cannot be vegetarian. One person argued with me that non-vegetarian food give great strength to the body and tasty too. I challenge, the vegetarian foods are more tasty and also increased the longevity of the human life. By having non-vegetarian food one invites whole lots of new disease and also pose extreme danger and escalate the existing disease. Even in many functions I could see more rush at the vegetarian food section than the non-vegetarian food section. And coming to the point of mental ability. Those who are vegetarians their grasping power is more. their remembrance of the subjects are good. On the other hand those who are non vegetarians, they are lazy and feel like sleeping more with drowsiness and thus end up as non performers.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    I am a non vegetarian. But you know, in our culture, it is not just vegetarian or non vegetarian alone. There are other categories too.
    1. Eating only eggs
    2. Eating non veg outside and not in home
    3. Eating non veg but not on particular days in a week like Friday or saturday. or months like puratasi.

    I am one among this 3rd category.
    It is difficult to be a part of this category, because, not everyone around me will remember my non veg days.
    So they plan for treat or offer me their home cooked non veg on the days I don't eat non veg.
    I am not sure, the custom I follow is right or wrong. I follow, because I was brought up that way. I am also comfortable with it. I am fond of non veg, so i think, this custom sets up a limit to my diet.

    But as you mentioned, this is always brought into a debate when we go out for a lunch together, Obviously you will be knowing, what kind of comments could I hear. The very first thing, many says is, "when you are a non vegetarian, you are already doing sins, then why do you make drama?" However logical their question is, it hurts.

    So these days, I say, I am a non vegetarian to anyone new I meet. When there were a situation to eat together and that was my auspicious to days to non veg, I simply say, today I don't feel like eating non veg, so I go for veg items. I don't brag the conversation by giving them the list of my veg and non veg days.

    I also, don't interfere on anyone's choice of food. Personally I respect the people who gave up on eating non veg for any reason. My husband is one of that kind of person. Many tells me to make him eat non veg. Even my family members wishes to make him eat non veg. But I never said a word to him about it. Because, I know, he was eating but gave up, so I need not to tell him about it's taste or benefits. It is his own choice. The same way, he also behaves. Just because , he quit non veg items, he does not expect me to be a vegetarian.

    Basically, choice of food is one's personal. Only the individual will know, what benefits them and what suits to their health. It is unnecessary to comment on them.

    Sri Vetri
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    Mohan sir differentiated the mental ability of people depending upon their food habits. I don't know how far it is been proved. But I like to share the result on a research done with Jews food habits. Many knows Jews are people well known for their business mind. It was found that their diet includes meat, which is also a reason to their active brain.

    There are many myths existing on mental ability and physical ability depending upon food. Not everything is proved. Even if your statement is true, that might not be universal, because lifestyle of human varies from one place to other,
    As I previously said, only the individual by observing his own body, can understand what food type suits him.

    Sri Vetri
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    I wont agree with Srimathi. In Hyderabad the old city people are fond of heavy non vegetarian food and their functions marriage actually starts at midnight and they end up eating heavy non vegetarian food at the wee hours and thus next day they have to skip the office or other daily chores citing bloating of stomach or indigestion of the food that was taken earlier. I have many friends in old city who admits that they become lazy and want to sleep for more hours in the day time and that is the reason being so no shop opens before the noon in old city of Hyderabad, however they keep awake late in the night.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Science does not need anyone to agree or disagree to be true. Eating anything in too much quantity will cause you to feel bloated and will create a problem in a regular lifestyle. Eating rice at night too is not recommended for the same reason because like meat it takes more energy for digestion. However, if you eat seafood like fish and prawns they are relatively easy to digest and will keep one light.

    Meat and fish are an essential component of the western diet and those extra proteins are the reason why they have a larger average height than us Indians. I am also a non-vegetarian and know how that when I eat non-vegetarian food normally rather than gorging on it just because it is "non-veg" there is no tiredness or sluggishness in my activities.

    Non-vegetarian food causing poor mental performance is just myth propagated by the upper-caste and Jain community to fool people into thinking that they are somehow on an elevated level because of their "pure" lifestyle.

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    I am a pure vegetarian. I never tasted even egg also. In our house, we won't eat the cakes which are made using egg. We take only cakes which are made without egg. Eating habits are the personal quality of the individual and it depends on the likings and dislikings of the individual. There is nothing in this to make fun of people who won't take non-veg. I visited about 10 countries in my career so far. I was in China where getting vegetarian food is very difficult, I managed only with vegetarian food there during my entire stay of 15 days. This is mainly due to the fact that I don't like that taste. I am not going to say that vegetarian food is healthy when compared to non-vegetarian food. It is the interest of the individual. He knows what is good for him and what is bad for him. So getting into an argument on this subject is not at all a requirement. These days majority of the people are non-vegetarians only.
    always confident

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    I am a pure non vegetarian. I eat anything and everything that doesn't affect my health. But I fast strictly on Saturday without eating non veg food. My wife fasts on Monday, my daughter fasts on Thursday. We all are vegetarian on Tuesday & Friday to honor our family deity. So, leaving Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, all other days (Sunday & Wednesday) are the non-veg days to my family. However, I manage to eat non-veg on all days except Saturday.

    You all might call Milk as a pure vegetarian food. I would disagree and say that Milk is a non veg food. It is the animal blood. We cheat the calf and deny its milk and take away to make the milk products to maintain our health.

    Anyone to go against my thought about Milk a non veg item?

    No life without Sun

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    Mr. Sun, I will not agree with your thought that milk is nonveg. Non-veg means eating the flesh of animals. And milk can never be called animal blood.
    Mohan sir, I would not agree with your statement that people who eat vegetarian food are much better performers and energetic than the people who eat non veg food. Meat also provides protein and spinach also provide protein to the body, so we cannot comment on which one is better. Its everybody's choice to eat the type of food they want. In fact I have observed that people who eat non veg have more energy and stamina.
    My thread's main concern was to not make fun of each other whether we eat veg or non-veg, there should be no comments on that.

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    vegetarians and non- vegetarians never agree each other. Mr. SuN has stated that he is a 'pure non- vegetarian'. One can state that he is a pure vegetarian. But the so called non- vegetarians take this non- veg item together with rice, rotti, bread, parotta, etc. which are not non- veg items. These are prepared from different grains. Perhaps, wild animals may be pure non- veg.
    But there are vegetarians who do not even use milk. They come under pure- vegetarians category. However milk is accepted by vegetarians and they consume it from the very beginning. Now there certain category of people who do not even take milk. However, they too might have taken their mothers' milk during childhood days. Nobody consider mother's milk as non- veg, I hope.
    It is the nutritious value of every food item that decides whether it gives more strength or not. Similarly the brain power is also based on that. It cannot be generalised as Veg. or non- veg.


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    Pooja, I must admit the title and the questions are slightly different. What the thread means is are you being discriminated/made fun off for your pure vegetarian food habits. Is it correct?
    Anyone is free to choose and follow whatever he or she thinks is correct as per their upbringing, family traditions like and dislikes. One should not be forced, or made fun off just because they are non-vegetarians or pure vegetarians. When we have food outside, we don't make comments about vegetarians or encourage them to give up their choices.
    A few years ago, I filled up a questionnaire on diet, It had three options, veg, non-veg and mixed diet. I think many in India are in the mixed group. People who eat non-veg food for a few days. Some people have 2-4 pieces of chicken or mutton and call themselves non-vegetarians and give a false impression that they have a good protein diet.

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