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    Do you say Yes when your mind says No?

    If you Yes when you really mean to say No, then don't worry you are not alone because many people cannot say No outright.

    A 5-year-old asks for a mobile to play, is adamant about having a new toy at the supermarket, parents want to say No but can't do it easily. You are in a hurry to leave the office, you co-worker smilingly slips you a couple of files, please do it, I have to go home. You say Yes but within yourself who are upset that you didn't say No.

    This also applies to neighbours who frequently 'borrow' things (milk, sugar, umbrella, money), the boss asking for overtime when we have an important function at home, friends forcing us to have a smoke or a drink, peers cajoling a junior to try drugs, people blackmailing us with an emotional trump card.

    Saying No is an 'Árt' because the normal, soft natured, good-hearted people find it challenging for various reasons, fear of upsetting the other person, the guilt of not lending a helping hand, misplaced loyalty and trust, fear of reappraisals, to maintain our good image etc.

    But friends, It's perfectly normal to say No when we want to, It's just that we have to learn how to say it.
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    Some times confrontation between our mind and heart takes place on some personal issues to which we cannot escape and ultimately consult the inner voice. Every day the inner voice tows our way of living and approach to the world and our own life. We do commit mistake consulting the mind, but the inner voice finds fault with our eccentric behavior. That is why when police interrogate the crime committed person, first he would deny and then agree. As the degree of punishment increases his inner voice wont allow him to keep quiet and thus reveals the truth. That is why some people turn as approver and help the law.
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    When you have to say"No" you have to say "No". Saying 'yes' in such situations may lead to unnecessary complications. This is very much true in administration. If one hesitates to be clear, the other person may take advantage of it and you may land in unnecessary trouble. In general, many people hesitate to say 'no'. As the author pointed out, it is difficult to say 'no' when it is required.
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    It would clearly show the weakness of a person to say' Yes' when their mind says ' No'. Also, we can take is as a broadmindedness of a person to help the other person with a Yes for No. But it depends on the situation where we say Yes for No.
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    If we can manage the situation by telling yes to other persons, there will not be any issue. But we will say yes and finally, we could not do it, in such case we may be in a problem. So it is always better to think before accepting anything from others. Sometimes we may have to oblige others and get some additional burden. We have to take that burden and fulfil the commitment.
    Sometimes in my case, I face such kind of situation wherein I can't say no, even though I want to say no. But I will be very careful in accepting those things. I have to see the timelines and accommodate the time for additional work also. In some situation, we may have to say no also, for which I never hesitate but I will put in a different way rather than saying directly no

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