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    Cross-border retaliation at Rawalkot sector

    Three days back, Pakistani army broke the ceasefire agreement and killed a major and three soldiers of Sikh Regiment by sniper fire. Northern Command and 16 Corps decided to punish them. Accordingly, on 26th December, 2017 at 6 p.m., Indian Ghatak commandos crossed the border at Rawalkot sector and attacked 59 Baloch9most probably). Although Pakistan claims that only three soldiers died, unofficial sources mention that at least eight Pakistani soldiers died during the Indian commando attack and some more have been in the waiting list to meet their creator. Indian commandos returned without any scratch. Indian Army has termed it a local, tactical operation across the border.

    In addition, Indian artillary firing has killed another Pakistani soldier at Nowshera sector.

    It is high time, Pakistani establishment understands that the regime has changed in India. Indian Army, fully backed by Indian political leadership, will pay back double in the same coin. After death of Indian soldiers, present Indian establishment will no longer chant peace.
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    News from the other side:
    Pakistan's National Security adviser Naser Khan Janjua has accused US of siding with India and warned of a possible nuclear strike due to delicate security situation in South Asia. India has been stockpiling dangerous weapons as it threatens Pakistan continuously of conventional warfare.
    What is happening there?
    Is it a New Year firework or something else?

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    the news regarding this incident has come in newspapers. We should appreciate the daredevil attitude taken by our soldiers in teaching a lesson to them, tit for tat. We all should support these soldiers who are not worried about their getting killed also attacked by LOC crossing. They killed some soldiers of Pakistan who are camping there and returned back without any injury even. The Indian Government is ready to face the music and ready to attack them if it is required. The military is geared up and politicians also support them. Now it is the understanding of Pakistan and they should understand the capabilities of Indian army and the readiness of the soldiers for attacking. Otherwise, if they want to provocate our soldiers by unlawful attacks, these people will not simply sit watching their actions. This message should go to the neighbouring countries, they should understand our capabilities. Well done Indian Army. All the best to you
    always confident

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    For what reports I read, I could gather that it was in retaliation for killing on 4 army personnel in the Rajouri Sector.Such specific attacks would always has the support of the Indian Citizens and we are proud that the Army has done it again and lives were not lost. What I feel is there should support and unanimous approval for such plans from the politicians across parties.
    There should an unsaid rule that any politician or a retired bureaucrat just for the want of TV screen time should not indulge in find faults with such mission and preach on human rights etc. Further on, we need NOT publicize these missions, they have to be carried out regularly as along as we follow a NO first strike policy. We also need to be careful because we are facing a neighbor who exports and sponsors terrorism. The core values of the Army are safe guarding the nation and its people, in comparison the core values of terrorism is taking as many lives as possible. We need to be ever vigilant as there are no rules followed by the opposite camp.

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