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    Is it ok to spend a huge amount on items in the name of brand?

    Some people are brand freak while others are not. I believe any ordinary item will do the same work as the branded item does. Recently one of my friend bought a watch of a particular brand by spending 13000rs and she hardly uses any wrist watch. She bought it just for a function to go with her dress. A watch with just 1k or 2k will also show the same time as the watch she bought. And when I saw online, the same pattern watches are available in different brand with way lesser cost. Is it worth to buy such a expensive items especially when you hardly use them. People buy branded for the craze or to show others that they use only expensive stuffs?
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    I think the present youth are after branded items. They always want to purchase branded items only. The cost of these items are very high when compares to normal items. But actually, the big companies are outsourcing their production activities and the material obtained from the outsourced agency putting their stamp and selling them as their product. But we don't this fact and we will go for branded products only. The Bata shoe which will cost around Rs.3000/- rupees will be used without any problem for maximum 6 months. But a similar type of shoe from local market will be available at Rs. 1000/- which will also good for minimum 6 months and there is no difference in looks. In such case why should we go for a branded item by paying a higher amount? My opinion, it is a waste only. But no one will accept this theory and we will go to a branded product only. This is the weakness of the present day customer.
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    It depend on what you are wanting to buy, it also depend how long you would like to use it. Yes, there are products which you can get in 5k and 1k, but how you are going to use it, does really matter. May be your friend who bought costly watch thinking of using it for longer run and not for limited use. If you want that your product last longer, you definitely need branded one.

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    It depends on what items we want to buy. If we do not like the long-lasting attitude of a product, then we must not go for brands. Because if it is given a good brand name, it will be costly because it will be reliable too.
    Normally, we want to buy a product with a nominal price. So, it is completely our choice, it is not good to run behind brands if you cannot spend much on any product. We should take care of our pocket too.

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    I am also at a loss to understand the concept of brand mad in some people. They go to any extent on the particular brand no matter the product or service is worth useful. We all know clothes are the changing trend on daily basis and and new fashion with new designs sets in. What is the the place for a brand in cloth business. Once we like the colour and texture, then we should buy that irrespective of any brand. But people go for the branded shop and spend huge money on the same kind of clothes which are available at the reasonable price. I really pity for your friend to be too much brand loyalty and shelling out money for no reason. She is giving break for the company to earn through her purchases. Moreover when the cell phones are there with correct time sense, then why people want to wear costly watches just for the show off ?
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    Brand denotes quality and durability. Unbranded items which are available at cheaper rates do not have the same quality and durability of branded items. Branded items are purchased by affluent people. What they purchase and how they use it is their choice. Branded items have compatibility of components. We can compare a branded desktop and assembled desktop. The performance varies because of compatibility. of the components.
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    Very interesting thread by the author. Today many people are after the brand. There is a big reason for it. Generally the branded items are of quality. The company takes care in quality management and tries its best to keep the product without flaw. They also have a strong after sales activity and will replace the item immediately if found below standard.

    Due to this stringent quality control the prices of branded items are high. With time a reputation is made in the society about these and the brand becomes a symbol for that item. Some examples are Surf, Bournvita, lifeboy, Bata and so on.

    On the other hand there are items which are not branded and we always have a doubt whether they will be good or not. Due to huge price differential people go for that and use them. Sometimes they are very good while other times not good.

    So those who can afford will go for only branded.

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    In Tamil there is saying,'kaniyiruppa kaai kavarnthatru' which means why should we select unripened where fruit is available already?. Buying a product by paying high cost mere for the brand or name sake is similar to that. This is just to show their capacity through which they are cheating themselves. I am seeing people are buying vegetable in super stores named as pazhamuthir solai by paying more money by saying that they are good quality. But I am daily seeing that they are bringing the items from nearby wholesale market and selling by cleaning but charging more than triple from the wholesale market rate.

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    Branded goods are more likely to be of better quality and hence durable as long it is a genuine product. Many people flokc for a brand name based on turst, previous expereince and recommendations. SOme go for a brand to flaunt their social status.
    I personally feel we should be open when it comes to branded or non-branded items. It would depend on what we buy it for, what is the appliance/item, what is the value of it, how long we expect to use it. If it's a electronic item or an expensive one like a LCD TV or fridge, it would better to go for a branded one so that it would be a long term investment.
    In contrast, shirts, watches, shoes, I personally don't think you need a formal branded ones. Many of the branded shoes are just our sourced products with a sticker on top.Also, there would be decent durable local manufacturers who give good quality at a much more economic price.

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