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    Feelings - can we divide them as right and wrong?

    Feelings, from the smallest jealousy caused when someone takes an extra chocolate while we are kids to the loss of dear ones everything is a feeling. The joy, the grief,the pain, the bliss, jealousy,anger, pride, arrogance, lust, love, hatred....the list goes on. Everyone of us experience all these at one or the other point of life, but we never acknowledge some of them openly as there is a taboo attached to some feelings like jealousy, and sexual desires, and some feel that falling in love is a sin. My doubt is why can't we treat and acknowledge all of them equally. In an article I read that the four aspects of life Dharma, Ardha, Kama, Moksha have to be followed at the right the time and in the right way. So why do we differentiate feelings as good and bad? When will they become good and when can we call them as Bad. Is it a sin to have certain feelings like anger and jealousy. I believe that as human beings we should experience and enjoy all the feelings that arise in us, only thing is they should come at the right time for the right person. How many of you agree with me? Dear ISCians what's your feeling on this aspect.
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    Good or bad is purely depend on our thought process. For example, lies telling is against the God's law. But, sometimes lies will save the life of the people. Any activity done by us depends on three qualities
    1) Place
    These two qualities decide the nature i. e., good or bad.

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    Any person in the universe will definitely have all the feelings at some point in time in his life. Jealousy is not bad and loving a person is not bad. Any type of desires is not bad as long as you are following ethics of life. When you see a person with a very good car, I may feel jealous.But with that jealousy, we should try to harm the other person. We should try and see how we can also have a similar car like that. Feeling Jealous is not bad but harming a person with that jealousy is not correct. Having a desire is not bad but the method you are adopting for fulfiling the desire is important. You should not go unethical and illegal methods to get your desire fulfilled. You should try for everything in a very ethical and legal way only. Dharma, Ardha, Kama, Moksha are the four aspects of life. But we should follow certain norms and procedures in fulfilling these aspects. A human being is a social person. He should behave as a person in the group. Even though he has some desires he should not ignore the rights of the other persons also.
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    Good question to ask.

    No matter how much we have progressed world wide, our thoughts are still in back foot. We are belong to a conservative background, we always think of the world around us before we utter something. The reason, we have fear in us that people should not "tag" them having negative nature. We (most of us) wants to show ourself a "good person", while communicating with so called knowledgeable society. We want to show how "good" we think for others and ourselves. No, one wants to become "bad" or negative, no matter how negatively they behave with their close one.

    We have seen and will see, people takes no time to judge others without even knowing the truth. Most of us run to judge people with their "half truth knowledge". The reason, they do not want to be "tagged' like people who straight way talks and point out the mistakes without caring what people will say about him/her.

    As far as I am concern, I don't want to be a good man just on paper or in some people's eyes. I don't care what people around me think or tag me in some special words. I speak, whenever it required. My only feeling which runs within me that, If I am correct, I should not bother about anything.

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    Wonderful post. Feelings, passion, desire and obsession all are inter-related, as humans we should know when feelings move on to the next level where in it causes damage to the self and people around us. If man is able to make this important differentiation then it's easy to differentiate between Good and Bad Feelings.

    The perspective also changes based on the person and the environment he or she is in. For instance a businessman sitting in his office striking a deal will be thinking of earning crores and this would be a good feeling for him. At the same moment a holy man sitting in his Mutt would not think the same about earning money, in his view it is wrong or bad.

    Lastly it depends on the age of the individual also, for instance, if a 4 year old child of the neighbor walks up to us expresses his/her feelings 'I love you' Unlce/Aunty, we would feel happy. The same can't be done by an adult.

    So, we all have feelings, whether it's Good or Bad, we are and should be responsible for them. Anything in excess would also not be good, anything that makes us lose touch with reality is also not welcome. If the feelings start disturbing our focus, concentration at work, start inducing noticeable changes in us, then it would be bad. Feeling sad should not move on to becoming depressions, Liking a person or attracted towards someone should not move up to stalking or getting obsessed with them,

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    Feelings are the emotional outburst coming out of our heart. It may be for good cause, it may be for bad or challenging times in the life. There are people who would cry on hearing a good news or some achievement. And there are people who would weep uncontrollably on loosing something and coming across a bad moment in life. And those who keep quiet even after others crying at the dead body and those who have to be dealt with immediately. We are suppose to react to deaths instantly and should not take to the heart and keep on feeling over it. Yes the loss cannot be replenished but what is the use of rewinding the thing that happened ?
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    Feelings are purely one's own personal reaction to anything. It will always be biased as per the thinking,knowledge and experience of the [person. Looking from one's own side everything is right only. So for a person there are no bad feelings All his feelings will appear good to him. Only when he reviews them at a later date when he is out of the earlier situation, sometimes he may review and tell himself that his earlier feeling was not right.

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    Feelings are our personal, and we can never divide them as good or bad. It fully depends upon our thought process. Whatever feelings we get in us is all because of the age and also the circumstances. The situations make those feelings as good or bad. Sometimes we do not do the right things at the right time, and we land up doing something wrong, but since that happens, we forget it as it happened.
    Everything is correct and nothing is wrong until your heart does not allow it. Since we are human beings, we are made to have feelings for all, and carry it inside us.

    Do what inspires you !!

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