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    New introduction and query on adsense association

    I am new to ISC and I have an existed adsense account to my another site. Can I add adsense code to ISC? What are the conditions for existed adsense account to this account? I think that gold level to be reached whether for existed adsense account association or for new adsense application. Can you discussion on this issue.
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    There are 6 conditions for a person to be eligible for an Adsense account. The conditions are given below. You will have to fulfil at least 5 conditions out of those 6 conditions to become eligible for the Adsense account.
    1.Your profile details should be full with the details of address uploaded
    2.Minimum 10 valid articles published
    3. Minimum Gold Level Membership.
    4. Minimum one prize for any contribution on ISC.
    5. Minimum 6 months the member should be active on the site.
    6. The profile picture should be uploaded and verified.

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    While there is no objection from the ISC for associating your other adsense already in force with this site but it is advisable to have the adsense through our profile page and for that you have to be regular and follow the rules already mentioned by other member. ISC members who achieve their target gets the adsense account approved by Google without problem and if you get the adsense approval here, the webmaster can grant the validity of the same as per your good relations with this site. Therefore it is imperative to have adsense through this site and by associating with other site the benefit may not be full.
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