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    Reasons of losing permission of posting articles in article section

    I want to start a discussion on losing rights to post articles in article section. I think below three points to be sustained to lose the permission to write articles.
    a)Plagiarism: Losing of chances to post copied content into the articles
    b)Poor content: Articles with grammatical and spelling mistakes.
    c) Low optimized content: Article should be search engine friendly one. ISCians, can you add some more points to familiar with this topic.
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    The article should be the original one and not be copied from any other place. Even it is our own article and if we have published on another blog or site, if we post the same here, it will be treated as copied one and publishing write will be suspended.
    if the subject is not as per the list of subjects given in the section, they may not accept the same in this site.
    TheEnglish is not good and grammar and spelling mistakes are there they may advise or reject that article but they will suspend from publishing the articles on this section.

    always confident

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