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    It’s you who can prove them wrong!

    Life is just a movie which is seen through our eyes. No matter what is happening outside but it all depends on how we take it. It is the courage in you that takes you forward. A sailor can't enjoy his happiness by staying relaxed in a ship which is on shore, forgetting the fact that it is always safe on the shore but that is not what it was built for.

    Your words, your action and your style reflect your attitude. In your journey in any walk of life, you may come across many people who may hate you, not trust you, doubt you and try to pull you out. But it is you who can prove them wrong finally!
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    Obviously Yes!

    I am a big fan of Saurav Ganguly and just some minutes ago I was watching his speech which was from his life's experience. When he was thrown out from the team just because the team's coach thought he was not fit with the team. I liked what he was said in his speech -" every human being need an arm around him/her, whether it is from their parents, friends, kids, husband or wife. But, when all goes away and you find yourself "alone", you discover yourself, then you know yourself the best." The rest is history and he made one of the greatest come back in the history of Indian cricket. He had achieved so much that he could have easily live happily. But, he tried to fought it back into his team, in to the Indian cricket.

    We too find in such situation in our life when we have 2 option, either you should sit back happily or fight back for what makes you happiness. We should not sit down if we get failure, instead we should take it as a challenge and prove ourselves worth. Like how Saurav Ganguly did it.

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    When we are performer and does work little better than others, suddenly we are branded as different and those who are not learning or less learning would team up themselves against us and their every action would be against our wishes. And when we want to make them learn or want to teach them, their ego wont allow them to learn from us. Only today in my wife's school, the 10th class students who are supposed to talk in English only in the schools seems to have forgotten and cracked jokes in Telugu and laughed loudly and the complaint went to the Principal. She immediately gave punishment to those students by bringing them to the LKG class where the students are fluent with their known English. The Principal made them to learn from those small children and that was the big insult for those big boys.,
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    What a philosophy from Jagdish Patro! In fact, a sailor will be more happy onboard a ship while on shore, after many days suffering at sea. It is his duty to be at sea to earn, but to enjoy life on shore.
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    I appreciate the thought. We are our own fate makers. Waiting for somebody to help is futile. Our life we have to live. Sometimes we will be successful and sometimes we may not be successful. It is all in the game. Go play your own game. DOn't expect somebody to guide you or encourage you. These days there are many forces are there which will try to pull us back always. If you are progressing with your own efforts, some people may feel jealous and try to spill mud on you. They will try to make you unpopular among others. They may say you are coming up because of some other external force rather than your own efforts. But if you care for those words and if you slow down everybody will fell that the other people are correct. So you should stand up to the occasion and show your talent and prove the others wrong. That is for you only and that too with your own actions only. A very good thread.
    always confident

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    It is very difficult in this world to find people willing to help you are genuinely happy if you are doing well. More often you find people who are eager to criticise you, laugh at your expense and many times even stab you in the back for their personal benefit. At work, we often see people who are nice to us as long as they need us, once we are not needed or we have served our purpose, the same people just discard us like waste paper.
    It is at such times that we should show our true depth. After the initial disappointment passes off, we should dig our heels in, work hard and prove to those who mocked us that we too can survive and survive without their presence. This is possible only if we have commitment, sincerity, and dedication with the desire to prove our critics wrong. We should not forget to be brave but humble, assertive but not arrogant.

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