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    Why My answers in AE section are not reviewed by Editor ?

    From last two days, I see that many of other members who post the answer after me are reviewed by the editor but my answers are not reviewed by the editor. Many members who post the answer on 27 dec reviewed on the same day but my answers which were posted 2 days earlier not reviewed. Why? Is this fair, which was done by the editor to the new members?
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    We can understand your concern Saket. Possibly, there are some issues with your answers, because of which they are yet to be reviewed. Rest assured, the concerned editor will come back to you and let you know the reasons for the delay.

    Meanwhile, I am removing that part of the message, where you have dictated that only editors should reply to your post. It is not proper to use all caps here in the forum or elsewhere. Nor is it proper to put writings in bold, unnecessarily. Other members are in the meantime requested not to post any responses. Let the concerned editor do the needful.

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    Many of your responses pertain to computer-related queries that were skipped in turn and would be reviewed by the concerned who are familiar with the subject.

    Further, I suggest you to use Grammarly software to check the errors which are bound to happen when we are posting via mobile. Also, avoid salutations in AE responses such as Hello friend, Hi etc and concluding with 'Thank you'. You can edit your responses using the 'Edit' button. There is no partiality or favour shown towards senior members and new members are always encouraged by the members and Editors.


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    Sir, please reviewed by fastly as well as possible. I already use Grammarly to check my grammar mistake.
    Saket Kumar
    Real Eyes Realize Real Lies.

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    Jagdish Patro The lead Editor
    How many days you take to check my answer. Is my answer is very difficult so that you can't be reviewed? I want staight forward, are you reviewed my answer, yes or no.

    Saket Kumar
    Real Eyes Realize Real Lies.

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    Saket Kumar,

    Please do not be rude. You have a query, surely it can be asked with some politeness and in a non-aggressive way. The way you posted your last response #621184 above is like as though you are ordering the editor to do your bidding with a sort of threatening undertone. Editors are not here to work under your directives. They will do their editing work as and when they get time from their regular work schedule when they come online at ISC.

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    I have politely given the reason for delay in reviewing your posts. You seem to be dictating terms to the Editorial team. Even in one of your AE responses, you were asking to improve the points stating that the solution for a mathematical question couldn't be uploaded as an attachment. We have reviewed your responses now. Please adhere to the posting guidelines and don't resubmit the deleted responses.

    On verification of some records, it appears 'X' , a friend of 'Y' posts a question and 'Y' responds to it to gain c.c. Such tendency is not allowed and this is applicable to all. Any repetition of such instances are liable for removal of posting rights for both 'X' and 'Y'.


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