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    Those who lodged in jail are they given chance or to learn something useful there for future ?

    It is the fact that some people are convicted for the crimes committed by others or the circumstance evidence proved that they are guilty. And there are real culprits who often goes to jail and come back on bail. But inside the jail is there any rehabilitation program for the convicts so that they can change their attitude and learn something which may be useful in future.,? And those politicians who have been lodged in jail would write books and thus become famous others. But what about other convicts. Is there any move to improve our correctional studies ?
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    The people who are jailed will be given some chances to do certain works and earn money. People who are interested can get educated by doing studies in distance mode or private mode. They will also be given some training in some trades by the people who are having the skill and experience in the line. They can learn like stitching, tailoring, carpentry course etc. After learning the skills they can earn by taking jobs in that trade.
    This is the information I know about the facilities provided in the jail for the convicted.

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    Jail is not only an area for punishment, but also a rehabilitation centre for the ill minded criminals. Criminals are trained to learn a job to sustain in their life after their release from the jail. Criminals are given opportunity to study and develop their knowledge. They become graduates and post-graduates. They become good writers. Many criminals turn good, and few continue to follow their old trade.

    The other name for jail is - Rehabilitation Centre.

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    The severity of the crime decides who goes to jail or not. Barring politics gimmicks, the others reach jail for a crime that is unacceptable in the eyes of the law of the land which is indirectly the views of the public also.

    The society that decides to send people behind bars also has a moral responsibility to ensure that the criminal change for good.

    The concept of sentencing and spending time in jail is an opportunity for the person to understand his/her crime and then repent for it and develop a desire to become a good person.

    Criminals are involved in all the common forms of work that is available within the jail premises. They also get a chance to get some vocational training if they want and are qualified for it. The vocational training would easily enable them to have daily jobs as carpenters, plumbers, assistants etc.

    When an appropriate person needs educations, the system facilitates them to get a chance to start the journey that ends in getting a qualification. There was a report last week ( /city/Bengaluru/jail-inmate-earns-3-degrees-while-in-prison-motivates-others/articleshow/62225934.cms) about criminals getting degrees and being an inspiration to others in the jail.

    So, yes there are means and ways for the criminals but they have to come forward to take these opportunities and then turn it to their advantage for their future.

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