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    Throw your pen and grow many trees

    We know that we can draw trees with a pen. It is only a picture, it cannot grow leaves or flower . But can a pen grow real trees and not just draw trees?
    Yes, the answer is the Seed Pen.

    I have heard about seed pen one year back in a local magazine. It was about one Lakshmi Menon connected with 'Pureliving' and 'Entree'. By now seed pens are becoming more popular.

    Seed Pens are disposable pens made of paper by rolling the refills in paper rather than a plastic cases. At the top end a few seeds of trees are enclosed. Once the ink gets over, the pen can be 'planted' and watered to allow the seeds to germinate and grow. Thus seed pens are doing two services in one stroke. They reduce plastic usage and waste. They also help ecology by growing trees.

    Recently in news was N.M.Shaji who has started using seed pens for preventing vanishing of rare species of forest trees in Western Ghats by using and throwing seed pens filled with the seeds of these species of trees.I was attracted to this as I had posted a thread recently titled What all things you recycled or reused recently?

    (More details can be read from the newspaper site URL:
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    Good. I never knew it. I think it is better for the people who live in villages where they can grow this seed pen. In urban areas there is no place to grow new trees. Else we need to move to villages and forests to dispose these seed pens to get benefitted.

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    A good information. The concept is a new concept. The seed pens is a new technology for growing trees. The disposable pen made of paper with refills inside and some seeds. To hear it appears very odd. But it was proved.
    I think this will be a good method to reduce plastic usage and develop an eco-friendly system. Good post. Let us try and see how far we will be successful in growing trees by throwing pens.

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    SuN, in cities we can use seed pens which have the seeds of plants that can grow in flower pots. With some creativity and improvisation we can have our own seed pens too.

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    Wow, this is a great piece of information. Eco-friendly seed pens, it is a nice way to grow plants that would help our environment. In urban areas like ours, just as you told we can put them in a pot and grow a plant. I will try it, as my mother is fond of gardening and growing plants. I want to know where we will get these seed plants, are they available in North India?
    I read the article link you gave, it gave a very good picture, these are easy to handle and just had to be thrown at the right place to be grown into a plant or a tree. Thank you Venkiteswaran sir, let me know how can I get it.

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    Very good info sir. I had heard about it sometime back. I just check some facts. It sounds like a simple concept but its a major achievement to take it from a single pen idea to a reality wherein pens are being sold. Aptly, Lakshmi Menon, the brains behind it is referred as Ecopreneur, not Entrepreneur, Her single unit also makes rollapen, on a plastic refill, a paper is rolled to make it like a pen, then only the refill needs to be disposed of. It's commendable that she employs women and senior citizen who are left alone to fend for themselves. It makes sense when we consider the vast number of students, offices in the public and private sector who use refill plastic pens every day. Since everything is handmade, it is little expensive, but it's worth the effort. I always have respect for such people who are amazing individuals who do something for the society and nature in their own way, not waiting for somebody else to do it or support it.

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    I heard and seen the seed balls and for the first time I am coming across the seed pens concept which seems to be interesting and new. Nevertheless the young ones likes new ideas to implement and the author has to be appreciated for bringing in new knowledge for every one to try. In big cities where there is space problems one may not have the place for planting trees and with this eco seed pens one can have small plants created on the small plant pots which would be classic to view and cherish. And appreciation to Lakshmi Menon for coming with great concept and creating instant interest among the public on nature.
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