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    Going for a walk or treadmill which is a better option?

    These days everybody is talking about physical exercise to maintain good health and good physique. Many doctors say everyday minimum 4 Kms walk is required. In cities, we will see many people going for a walk on the roads. Some people instead of going for a walk, work on a treadmill. This is a good replacement for walking. So some people work on this. But my personal opinion is that going for a walk to the outside is always a better practice where you will have a good breeze and pleasant atmosphere. But some people argue with me saying that in this polluted atmosphere going out for a walk is not that good and working on the treadmill is a better option. Members what are your thoughts on this subject.
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    Dr. Rao: Kindly correct the spelling of treadmill. In my opinion, morning walk and evening walk are much better and cost-effective option than treadmill.
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    Generally, walking slow or fast on the road in the open air is the best option to maintain our good health. A treadmill is the option to people staying in multi-storey buildings who have no space to walk and no time to spare to come down to the street and go up through the stairs or lifts. Moreover, such health machines are costly and not affordable by all, but the rich only.

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    I suggest a treadmill for the walk. In the case of a treadmill, you will be doing the walking exercise at your home in a relatively controlled condition than in walking outside. Outside there will be air pollution and traffic also. Unless you go to a park or public place, it will not be convenient to walk outside. The distance to walk is as per the physical condition and doctors advice. Whatever mode of walking you choose, make it a point to be regular.
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    A morning walk is the best option to stay fit and healthy. We need fresh air to breathe, a walk gives us that. In case the air is polluted, one could wear those masks if they face breathing problems.
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    Morning walk is the best compared to anything else, except perhaps swimming. There is an added advantage for morning walk. It is the access to Sun light. It is a must to get Vitamin D generally needed by weak and aged persons and pregnant women. Very often when doctors prescribe this, they state that morning walk for half an hour or more could substitute that tablet. Treadmill just care for simple body exercise.

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    It depends on where you live and how much time you have on hand and your access to a park or a school ground. I see many people walking/running early in the morning often out of breath, this is ok If you are living in a part of a city with relatively less pollution, good tree cover and park nearby, then you can have morning and evening walks.

    But in a heavily congested city with high levels of air pollution, it just makes things worse. For instance in Delhi, many experts advise against strenuous exercises outdoors when the pollution is high. It is understandable that we would be exposing our lungs to more pollutants with rapid and deep breathing.

    Treadmills are for people who don't have access to open spaces, who have time constraints and for people who cannot safely walk on uneven footpaths that are very common in many of our neighborhoods. It's safer to control the speed and can hold on the sides for support.

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    If you want to enjoy the nature and wants to have the effect of morning breeze and sun light fall on your body, then having a morning walk would be more preferable, Treadmill exercise are for those who are lazy, run out of time to do walking or simply for those who does not want to expose their body to the chilly weather in the morning. By chosing walking over treadmill, you are also having advantage of meeting the friends and others in the walking arena and thus while talk the walk, you are also gaining knowledge and sharing knowledge. More over doing walking alone would be boring and get tired. Instead when you engage yourself talking with friends and walk, the fatigue wont set in and you will go for that extra walk too. So I strongly recommend for walking than using treadmill exercise which wont serve great purpose.
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    If you have sufficient time, good space like parks, vehicle less road which are otherwise safe for people of all ages and gender, then walking is ideal, especially for people after forties. Otherwise treadmill is convenient. However you should know well to control the speed suitable for your age and health status and not over exert .

    In connection with walking I quote what I have read "To go fast, walk alone; to go far walk with friends".

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    Walking is one of the common exercise recommended by medical practitioners and health agencies. Whether you take a walk in open or on a treadmill there is not much difference as far as the burning of calories is considered.

    Due to pollution in outdoors some people are preferring treadmill and to that extent it is a good proposition if one can afford it.

    In outdoor walk there is no monotony as you will be seeing the landscapes around you and will not be bored.

    These two options have their own pros and cons but the underlining fact that is exercise is a common element between the two and is to be kept in mind rather than the method through which it is achieved.

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