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    What do you predict about the year 2018?

    After every 365/366 days, a New year comes. They bring luck to someone and curse to someone. Some years remain in our mind (1947- Independence, 1950- Republic, 1965 - Indo-pak war, 1971 - Indo-pak war, 2004 - Tsunami, 2016 - Demonetization etc) and some years without any good or bad event is forgotten. . 2015 & 2016 is remembered by Chennaites for the flood and Vardha cyclone and Jayalalitha's death.

    What would be 2018? Any prediction? Will 2018 be a year to remember or ignore?
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    Next year going to be very interesting on many aspects. Let us take Nation first. There would overhauling of Congress party and all the old people would be sidelined by giving new hopes and chances for the youth and thus Rahul Gandhi has to prepare for the big fight in 2019 general elections and hence lots of activities can be seen in Congress party. At Tamil Nadu, Rajnikanth is going to create ripples by starting his own party and he shall collude with BJP in the state to grab power as both AIADMK and DMK failed to deliver. In Telangana too the TRS government has to be checked so BJP is taking shape and we will know in 2018. For the common man the coming year would be good with great crop yields, low price of vegetables, rice and wheat would be produced more and the food security for the poor will be further liberalized for the poor.
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    I wish something good should happen to our country in the year 2018 so that it will become a memorable and special year for all Indians. I don't what is going to happen. Will Andhra Pradesh get a special Status? Maybe yes. Then all Andhra people will remember 2018 as good year for them. Is the central government got for early elections to Parliament? In such case, we will remember 2018 as a year of elections. But I wish that only good should happen. not natural calamities for remembering the year. If the Kashmir problem is getting settled in favour of India, it will be a memorable year to India and Indians. But I feel definitely something good is going to happen in the year 2018 for our country and India will become a developed country from developing the country.
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    For the country, 2018 would be a defining year. BJP has established itself, markets are at record high, GST issues are getting ironed out. Will we be able to make use of our heightened status as an easy nation to do business with? Can the policymakers make plans for the growth to be on target? There are many unkept promises, we need to see how it works out. This year would be more about triple talaq, border issues with our two errant neighbours, ongoing Kashmir issue. Can India make it to the permanent seat at the UN security council? South Indian politics and the equation of BJP in TamilNadu and Karnataka will be eagerly watched for. I hope the various parts of the country that had a terrible time with the loss of lives during torrential rains, make plans for this year. People would hope that the new second rung of national leaders is groomed and thrust into the limelight. Our relations with Japan and the US are bound to be a major agenda and boost for bilateral trade.

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