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    Ramdev Baba venturing into diaper business. Is that good for a Ayurvedic venture to diversify ?

    We all know that Yoga Guru Ramdev Baba's Patanjali group is in divesifying spree and want to enter all those fields which have formidable presence of MNC's. Now Patanjali wants to enter the lucrative 16000 crore diaper market and they plan to enter the segment in big way. We all know that in 2012 Patanjali was just having the turnover of 453 crores. By 2015 it rose to 2006 crores. And this year it has earned 10,561 crores, thanks to the overwhelming patronage of Indian customers. So it wants to diversify into diaper segment and reap profits. Do you support a Ayurvedic group venturing into diaper segment ?
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    I do not see anything wrong in this proposition. Diaper management is either for the small kids or old handicapped people. This is a scientific way of managing the things in a hygienic manner.

    Ayurveda has its own medicine system for various ailments but as far as the modern medical system is considered it has many physical aids for the patients or handicapped and diaper is one of them. It is good that a big company of baba Ramdev is venturing into this and may be they may add something better to already existing designs.

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    Nothing wrong. If make in India scheme can promise to provide employment for 10 crore Indians, I am sure the diaper market of Baba Ramdev would also provide employment to many jobless Indians. Baba is blessed to grow with the human needs. Let him grow in any way. Anything related to health should not be differentiated as Ayurvedic or Siddha or Allopathy. All are for health care only.
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    Anything sells if there is clever marketing and branding. Baba Ramdev is a very clever business man. He has mastered the art to 'make hay while the sun shines'. I hope and wish that this does not end as a bubble burst. Wherever there is such phenomenal rise in business, sometimes later it turns out that there were many irregularities and violations of rules and guidelines. We have been seeing such exposures especially when a change of government or ruling party occurs. I wish this not to be a similar case.

    I had raised a thread in 2015 about Baba Ramdev's Noodles where in I expressed my doubts. Now also my doubts remain. Hope they do not turn true, but remain as horrible imaginations.

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    I don't see anything wrong with the decision of Ramdev Baba to enter into diaper market. Already Ramdev is in health products and he is having a very good network. We can the willingness of people to use his products by the increase in the turn over of the company. A 453 crore turn over in 2013 and increasing it to a turn over of 10, 561 crore is not a simple achievement. It is good the Indian money is in India only. I am using Patanjali soaps, kinds of toothpaste and washing powders. We are a regular user of their medical products also.
    It is good that an Indian company is giving a tough competition to other MNCs and forging ahead with a good increase in its turnover and profits. I hope by going to this line he can create some more employment avenues to the youth in India. Some MNCs may stop supplies to India which will be good for the nation as the money of India will not go to other countries.

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    Anyone entering into an untapped market that has very few players would always be welcome because the customer would benefit. Imagine a group like Patanjali that has grown to dizzy heights entering into the 160000 crore market. It has a brand name, brand value, and an excellent customer base. There is no harm in this group venturing into the diaper industry. This would give sleepless nights to the current giants in this segment. What the Guru Baba Ramdev needs to do is, make things clear and ensure that there is no lack of quality control and high standards are maintained in the food segment. He should also check that all the existing industrial norms are followed and rules are not broken. If we can manufacture the product here, create jobs for the people here in India, then it's very good.

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