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    The usual story of the forest

    In the forest, there are carnivorous animals who live by eating other animals. They attack other animals and kill them. The herbivorous animals generally flee when attacked by carnivores. Those who don't succeed to flee, are killed and devoured by the attacking carnivores. The smaller herbivores spend their life in fleeing and in getting killed.

    However, there are some herbivores who are very strong and powerful. Elephant, bison and wild boar come in this category. When they are attacked by the carnivores, they get united and repulse such attack with ferocity. Sometime they become so ferocious, they kill the attacking carnivores.

    In human society also, some countries behave like wild carnivores. They try to devour other nation-states. These nation-states are like herbivores. Some are devoured by those carnivores. Some repulse their attack with ferocity, and in the process, destroy the carnivorous nation-states.

    Now we have to decide. Should India behave like smaller nation-states and continuously avoid conflict with carnivorous nation-states by bowing its head, tolerating insults and chanting peace? Or should India behave like larger harbivores and repulse the attack of the greedy nation-states with ferocity?

    The choice is ours only.
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    An excellent thread to appreciate the author's view on present politics. In India, the carnivores are the ruling party and their alliance parties. The herbivores are the opposition parties that rules the states. The strong herbivores are the parties like ADMK, Congress and the leftists in states of Tamilnadu, Karnataka, AndhraPradesh, Telengana and Kerala. These herbivores can never be attacked by the carnivores BJP.
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    Mr. SuN: I have talked about nation-states only. I haven't talked about the states within India.
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    I think the thread has in its core a thought which agitates the mind of many in this country. It is so since last couple of decades at least.

    In this regard let me narrate a story I once read in a chldren's magazine.

    An Elephant coming after taking a good bath and gong on its way to a nearby temple where it will be caparisoned and the deity will be kept on its head. On the way was a very narrow bridge.Just when the Elephant was to enter the bridge, another small animal entered the bridge from the opposite side. That animal had just risen from the dirty gutters and dirt was dripping from its body and stinking. The well bathed clean Elephant waited and allowed the dirty animal to pass. The small animal patted itself saying that even an Elephant is afraid o fit.
    The truth is that it needs just one foot for the elephant to crush the small dirty one.But as the Elephant was on a special holy task, it cannot dirty its feet.

    Our country is now like that clean elephant in the story. If we try to crush the dirty animals, they will be dead, but we will be dirtying ourselves also.
    A prudent King will first crush the enemies within his own kingdom before embarking on a war with external enemies.

    India is a land where there are many treatises like Arthashastra which give lessons how to rule and defend one's country. The world at present is going on the principle 'enemy of my enemy is my friend'. In battles inner stregth is equally important as outer strength and arms.For a strong man even a small pin or grass is a sufficient weapon.

    I think we are slowly gathering the inner strength

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    I feel our country is strong and large by itself to stay on its own. So, India should behave like larger carnivores and repulse the attack of the greedy nation-states with ferocity? India is sufficient strength and capability to be a carnivore. We need not chant peace mantras now. If anybody is trying to annoy us we need not keep quiet. We can teach them a lesson and we can show them their place.
    We need not be smaller herbivores and spend our lives in fleeing and in getting killed. There is a proverb instead of dying with a fear by sitting inside the house or saluting somebody always, better to die on the battlefield. But we should not unnecessarily try to annoy somebody as long as they are not trying to provoke us. We have a good youth we can do an excellent job and see that India will march forward in the coming days.

    always confident

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    A nice story that ends in linking our country and our relations with our neighbors.

    We all have seen Bison or Gaur, these are majestic beasts with powerful feet and horns weighing more than a ton, we have seen the majestic loin and the smart lioness but often in the forest a pack of wild dogs with coordination, diversion, hunting in relays can take down a Indian Bison and chase off a loin or a lioness, you can see videos. Even though the wild dogs are very small in comparison, they are a force to reckon as a pack. The unity in them is so good that they can take on giants and still survive.

    We have to observe the meerkats of the African Desert who as a family take turns to hunt, few stay back to look after all the young ones when the rest hunt. They look small and cute but can take down a snake or even the poisonous scorpion.

    Both these examples are of unity and trust between each other that helps them to survive and remain safe. As a country we need to have that unity and then have plans to defend ourselves or go on the offensive.

    If it was a one off, face to face fight with a gentleman's honor, we could have or would have already crushed our errant enemies. Unfortunately we have to live within the global community and every reaction we show will have an opposite reaction if not equal. This will entice reactions from others and bring a crisis in this part of the globe that many future generations will always remember us for starting the fight.

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    Understood your nation-state problem. I did make it inter state problem of India. It matches your thread.

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    Like carnivorous and herbivorous live in tandem, in the country also there are compulsions for the strong union and states irrespective of their party affiliations has to support the centre on every move , otherwise the federal spirit wont be there. I have been reading so many reports about Mamta Banerjee not caring to the advise of the centre and she is yet to comply on Aadhaar card enrolment for her.Even she herself does not have a Aadhaar card. If such is the adamant behaviour she has no right to live and function in the federal type of democracy. May some good sense prevail on her.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I think India is a strong country and able to roar like a herbivores and can give a lesson to its foes in no time. Only thing is we have to be ready in all respect and not only protect ourselves but should aggressively offend if situation demands.

    Today we can not survive with slogans full of friendship and peace. We have to prepare for all sort of eventualities whether they take place or not.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Nowadays I remember a slogan/comment which I heard during my adolescence: ''If you want to live in peace, prepare for war''. The language of peace can't be understood by heartless beasts.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    A wonderful quote Mr.Partha for a Roman general I think, For us, it would be good to consider it as a tug of war between Diplomacy and being prepared for War, either way, we would be the winners.

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