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    Hello everyone! Excited to be here!!

    Dropped in here as found this site interesting! I went through the Help topics and FAQs and will study them in greater detail in the coming days so as to ensure I don't break any rules!

    I am a happy-go-lucky type of person and would love to interact in this forum with all the interesting people out here. I find political discussions dreary and boring though. Would much rather talk about other stuff! Hoping to bring some bubbling cheer to the forum.

    First off a query - how do I address everyone? Is there any formality here to address senior members & editors as 'Sir' or 'Ma'am'? The forum seems informal from my first glance, but just asking since I am a new member and should know how to maintain the decorum of addressing people here. Any other tips would be good to know!
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    We ISCian welcome Anandi with Anand in our heart. Very pleased to read your introductory message that penetrated deep in our heart to feel that Anandi will keep the ISCian happy all time with her good posts.

    ISC is like a good family. All are like relatives and friends. You may address them as you wish. However, it would be better to address the members by name without any salutation.

    All the best, Anandi.

    No life without Sun

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    Warm welcome to this forum. Let us have fruitful discussions here.

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    Welcome, Ananadi.
    Your introductory post gives some hint that you have some hidden talents and ideas waiting to be expressed. You have done some pretty good homework. That will help you take on with confidence and comfort. ISC forum discusses various topics including politics. However members can be passive participants in case they do not prefer a particular topic. Members can bring in threads and articles on topics in which they are comfortable and/or have special knowledge and expertise.

    Regarding salutation, you can be comfortable and is acceptable to address by the profile name of that member. In case you are very sure of the gender or age of the person, you can use suitable salutations,(if it is okay for that person)avoiding errors of judgement.
    Waiting to see your good contributions.

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    Welcome to You, Anandi. It is good that you have mentioned that you have read the help topics and FAQ. They will give you a fairly good idea about all the sections on the site. I feel happy that you are able to catch the points regarding forum discussions on the site. I hope you will come out with good threads on this site. You can address all the members with their names without any salutations. This is the general practice on this site. I wish and hope that you will have a very useful and educative time on this site. I look forward to seeing many good contributions from you in the coming days. You can bring threads on topics which are useful to others and in which you are comfortable.
    always confident

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    Welcome to the ISC family Anandi, the forum looks informal as long the posts, replies and suggestions are NOT personal, based on a particular religion or derogatory. Most threads are on current events and facts of life. You are welcome to start replying to a few posts and then post a thread of your own. Threads related to politics and contentious topics would be closed monitored to keep harmony and maintain common ground. You can address people by the name and if replying to a particular reply by a member you can use the number like @#12345 (that is seen on the left hand corner of the blue bar with the date and time the reply was posted). If you are not sure about a member then you can refer to them as author. We generally do not reply to threads in forum that are more than 10 days old. Have a read about the help topics related to forum and article posting, being a new member, the editorial team and the senior members are always around to guide you if things are a little out of place until you familiarize yourself.

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    Welcome Anandi to the most happening educational site of the world. We are excited to have one more additional member from yourself and here no formalities are required. You can address us by name or say as author. It seems you are rearing to share and participate in the forum discussions in a big way. It would be great privilege and pride for this site to have such inclusive participation. Do not sulk. Come up with your own observation and response for the various threads that keep on appearing on varied subjects. If you have any doubts, please post here and were are ready to help you.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Hearty welcome to ISC group. People working in different fields and representing different States join here to share their views. As we know there are cultural differences among different States. But here we get a view of the cross section. Perhaps, this is the only site where everybody can join and exchange each ones view points. Once again I join the other ISCIan's to welcome you.

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    Wow! Nice, warm welcome for me. Thanks! Mayn't get time for other sections, but like to be active in forum. I asked about the form of address as it is a value we learn as kids, to address people older respectfully with sir, madam, mr. mrs. etc. Anyway, will go with suggestion to not be formal.

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    Anandi, a very warm welcome to ISC! Glad to know that you have already gone through the FAQs and other help topics before beginning your journey with this wonderful site. Our members have already given you enough suggestions and I would just like to add that it would be nice to start with the Forum so that you get to know more about ISC and can perform with ease when you move on (not forgetting the forum) to other sections too.

    Appreciations for making a good start and best of luck in your onward journey with us, which, I am sure, you will enjoy.

    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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