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    A story to tell you about my profile photo

    My dear fellow ISCian,
    Hope you all might have had a good view of my latest profile photo. I did not want to have my profile photo uploaded. But I was compelled to upload.

    I am in Bangalore now. The weather is too chilly. I don't go out as I do not have the winter clothing. A neighbour boy came to my house with a winter cap on. I simply said," You look beautiful with the winter cap". immediately, he removed his cap and placed it on my head. He said,"Uncle, you are looking very beautiful." Further, he took out my Mobile and clicked a photo. As I did not trim my beard, the photo looked little awkward. He adjusted my cap to cover the beard and clicked again. Then when I introduced my computer and told him what I was doing and showed him few posts and responses in which the profile photos of Mohan and Dr. Rao appeared, he asked for my photo at ISC. I said,"I don't have a good photo to upload". He suggested me to upload the recently clicked photo with the winter cap." I too felt good and uploaded the photo for his satisfaction.

    Members, Did you like it?
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    Yeah, Its good looking at you. This cap is also called "monkey cap" which covered entire face. Clever you Mr. Sun, you have not only hidden your beard but also head. You know what I mean (smile).

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    We are soon usher in into a new Year. So we will be shedding some old and taking up some new(examples Calendar,Diary).
    In your case you have changed your profile photo. Welcome..

    However, I wish you could have introduced that smart boy to ISC. Better late than never.

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    Sorry to get that boy into ISC. He is a native boy not very fluent in English. All our conversation went on in Tamil only. When I asked him,"Will you join ISC?"He said,"Sorry Uncle, Ennoda English Avvalavu Nalla English Illai( My English is not that good)"

    No life without Sun

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    A good photo. You are looking very young in this photo. You should thank that Smart boy for taking a good photo like this.
    always confident

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    I can understand your cunning smile. Anyone who has seen my earlier profile photo with my good old Padmini will know how good is my head.

    No life without Sun

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    A good looking picture Mr.SuN, we used to wear such caps to school during the early winter mornings.

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    Nothing wrong. Your photo is good with seasonal reaction wearing a monkey cap. By the way we are all getting old and let the photo also show the original face as I am eager to see the details behind the monkey cap.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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