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    Is it a good practice or a bad practice?

    My dear ISCian,
    Is it good or bad? I have a tendency to write on my palm for easy reference. Especially when I have to board a bus or train, I note down the bus no. train no. and my seat numbers. Also when I have no paper to note down any thing that I need to have.

    Let me know, whether it is a good practice or bad practice.
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    Writing on the palm is not a good habit. We use the hands for various purpose and the writing thus made may vanish sooner or the later. Moreover always keep a piece of paper or small diary handy with you so that small jottings and noting can be made. I have seen conductors making such noting on their palm but very rarely I have seen any normal public doing so. I always keep a piece of paper in my shirt pocket which contains the alerts or the task to be done for the day and next day. So if the paper is there, it can be used for many purpose and we need not write on the palm which looks ugly too.
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    It is in practice to write in palm in everybody. In olden days there was fountain pen and it was taken time to open the cap and write in the palm. But the ballpoint pen ease that also. Though it is considered as bad universally,
    hands of many of us doing monotnously. To avoid this we should keep a small bit paper always with us. I do like that and even bus tickets I used to keep with single fold in my pocket which used me well in many times. R

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    I used to this in my childhood and during my adolescence. Now, I have got rid of this habit..
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    It would not be a good habit because anything of importance will be lost unless we transfer it to a piece of paper or commit it to our memory. I have seen people write on the palms or do some calculations, Unless we do it with a permanent marker like pen, it would be erased easily and no one would you a permanent marker on the hands unless they have no choice. I write down on the palms sometimes when i cannot find a paper when I get a number or a longer figure told over the phone by somebody. Now with the smartphone, most use it to type something as a memo and save it as a draft. In small hotels in rural areas that are run by a couple of people, I've seen them quickly jot down the price and tell you after you finished breakfast or lunch. So, unless it is an emergency and we have no options, it is better to jot down the important things on a piece of paper or save in the mobiles.

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