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    How we are looking at the new year, 2018 ?

    Now only days are left before we receive the year 2018. Each one of us might have taken some decision regarding how we receive it. Perhaps, it may be just like any other year. Do you like to have some changes, if so what way?
    Personally, I expect a change during the coming year. My term as the President of the Cooperative Bak will be over by next June. After that I wish to go back to my native place and engage in some other activities. One of my well wishers has already suggested me to take up an assignment related to the development of five neighbouring Village Panchayats. Details are yet to be worked out. However , I wish a change from the present activities.
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    Well there is no clear demand from my side for this coming new year as I am leaving to the almighty as to he decide my future and he guide me accordingly. Certainly my boy will be having the Chemical Engineering last year and by this time the campus recruitment would have been held and completed. We the parents are most interested in his job as he has to pay back the bank loan taken for the higher education purpose. If he gets a job in a good company, that would be a great relief for us and that would be the best year for me. So I am hoping for the best and the outcome would be good.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Well, I am not very excited about new years, it may look new for few days while writing dates but apart from that its all the same. I have no plan as such, I will take each day as it comes to me and react or work towards it accordingly.

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    Glad that the author has brought out the concept and desire for change. Who would not want the next year to be better than the last year? All of us hope and dream that we have a year filled with happiness, personal success, advancement in career etc. Earlier, I used to wish for many things and be disheartened in a few months when things don't happen for various reasons. Now, I just take things as they come by and much happier. The coming 2018, I wish that children's education goes well, we can focus on saving for their needs as this year had additional strains that put us off the track of saving. Profession wise, hope to grow slowly and have a better return so that life becomes easier in a few years. I'm looking forward to the expansion of my assignments that can allow me to be more productive, their is the dream of a second car for the family, will have to wait and see how things pan out.

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