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    Discussion on nature of ISC

    I want to start this discussion on improving my English writing in ISC. This sentence seems to be strange one because I have a doubt on the caption of ISC that 'Learn to Earn, Earn to learn'. Suppose an average knowledged person can feel hard to write his opinions in this site. I want to know how the editors and webmasters could support and rectifying and teaching the English subject. Finally, I am asking that ISC is revenue sharing site or English skills improving site.
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    Surely and certainly, ISC is an educational institution that doesn't teach you English, but helps you to learn things and improve your English writing skill. Also it helps you to earn a bit or more according to your calibre. ISC won't spoon-feed you. You need to help yourself. This is how I look at ISC.
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    It is very easy, you can discussed any topic which is simple and debatable in nature. One important thing you must be careful that be humble with editors, don't try to oppose them as often, else your post may get deleted. Don't try to talk or support about Hindutva because ISC is secular, Some editor may remark you as such which may not go well with you. So be aware.

    This is my own personal experience, you can go with what you feel fine to adjust with.

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    It is a self learning process on this site. You are a senior member and I understand you have posted many articles also on this site. So you may be knowing more about this site. You can go through the various articles that are posted on the site and improve your language by reading them. The Editors will go through the articles and if any improvement is needed they will tell you where and how you have to improve it. That will be a good education for the members. You can go through the threads and write your ideas and thoughts related to that particular site. You can download Grammarly which will be helpful to you in correcting spellings and grammar.
    You can post your questions in Ask Expert section and get your doubts clarified. Like this, you can improve your language. While doing all these things you may be getting some reward basing on the quality of your work. Please try and definitely you will understand the usefulness of the site.

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    I think that this thread might be useful to new comers into ISC. My message in this thread may hurt the feelings of ISCians but newly coming members. So, they can think about the approaches and skills to learn and earn something by contributing to this website.

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    I am not aware of the editors or any admin team doing this, at least in the forum.You do have a point because the homepage does quote that an English expert will review and help the member learn. Maybe you can get in touch with the forum editors you can figure out how to help you. From our side, I'm sure the members would be more than happy to lend help. If you are ok, please raise a forum thread tomorrow, whenever one of us (including me) can read it and if necessary post a reply as to how the thread would be, if we were to write it. With the new year coming on, please post one thread along the lines of how to enjoy the new year celebration with responsibility, how to prevent accidents, why do we need to save trees, how does corruption affect etc. Please post one every day. Things will be certainly better as time goes by. If one of the editors offers better solutions, please follow that.

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    The motto of this site clearly coincides with the features of this site. If you want to earn here, you must learn how to write and how to write is the gifted art for some as the keep on elaborating the things as per their knowledge and information they have. This is called content writing. For example a word called Sun is there. You can start writing at least 10 sentence on single word and just imagine if the writing continues in a flow the new words would come to our mind and thus a very good article would in making. Then add suitable heading and giving a apt summary is must. Thus a article is created on own with your own thoughts and ISC respects self written content only. The approval accorded to such articles are quick and easy and thus earning spree from this starts with right earnest.
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    Mohan sir, your way of quoting your sentences seems to be new. Just it is appreciation on behalf of me to express my anguish about English writing. Starting of this thread is to look on the feelings and opinions of ISCians. I want the opinions of some more ISCians.

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    I am new here. The Grammar tool is mentioned - that is what came on screen when I log in. so I think that would be useful. So as new member I think this site does try to help members improve English. I also saw category in forum just for improving English so we can use that, no? to put questions on English? and the site is also helping to earn as I could see from profile page of some senior members and from home page. So the caption of site does not seem strange, but a fact.

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    Excuse me for asking this, but am new member so will take time to understand things here - confused with #621078. what is connection to what author of thread is saying? did not understand what is written in that response.

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    Anandi madam, I am coinciding with you. The response given by Jeets is not related to this thread. I just neglected it but you pointed it. Thank you. In this thread, secularism is not specified in any manner. This site is meant for exchanging views of members and enrich knowledge. Earning money from it is secondary one.

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    KNCharyulu, Opinion differs, so no issue but at least pronounce my name properly.

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    Sorry sir, in typing from mobile it was appeared wrongly. I am only focussing on your response.

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    #621163: Go and edit then!

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    It is a great website to learn about writing and to know more about writing skills. I have learned a lot from this website. All the sections, forum or article ones, motivates you to write differently and so that you can keep searching for various topics. It helps you to even explore your thoughts more. All the fellow writers and editors are nice and supporting and will always guide. This is all that I have experienced being here.
    Yes this website provides revenue for writing, this is an additional and a great benefit being here, which encourages all of us to contribute more and similarly learn more. It is a lovely experience being here.

    Do what inspires you !!

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