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    Select the best Forum thread of yours in 2017

    Dear Members,

    The year 2017 is just the corner to end and we are looking for the bright 2018 in ISC. We have seen many ups and down, appreciation and criticism. We had fallen down and got up again to put ourselves into race. Between all these we have posted many threads in the forum. Some of you might have got TOW for your thread, some might have missed it.

    So, I would like to ask our members to bring out the best thread in 2017 which they have posted and which is close to their heart. While doing so, please keep away the controversial thread or in which we had fight like "Tom and Jerry". Keep the best thread out of all.

    Here is my best thread which I have posted.
    What divides people the most - religion, opinion, or money?

    I wont say this is close to my heart but the best so far. So, are you ready to search your best thread of 2017?
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    For me it may not be possible to select the best thread of the year. I have posted many threads and for that matter a minimum three threads every day and that works out to 90 per month and nearly 1000 in a year that is ending. Instead of digging those threads, I would like to generalise that as soon as a thread is raised, good number of answers do pour in. Many of threads wont have won the best tow award but they have been read and responded by great members followers of this site and I am indebted to them. And for those ISC members who have been advising me sometimes a big thanks to them.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The best of mine are the Jallikattu games where many members struggled hard to fight and get the right bulls. 2017 was filled with fun games from SuN. And the same will be continued in the year 2018 too.
    No life without Sun

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    This is a very good exercise initiated by Mr. Jeets. As I write mainly in Forum posts and was banned to post articles for two and a half months, I posted most of my creative writings and various other articles in Forum threads. I had been planning to write a long story on a gentleman and a tiger, I posted it in Forum section. Although very few Members bothered to read this four part story, I was immensely satisfied after writing it.

    There are many good posts raised by me, I am mentioning the four-part story written by me in October of this year:
    An obstinate old man and an obstinate tiger (Part-I)

    I request the Members to read this four-part story.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    A very good task given by the author. I have posted many threads during the year. To search all of them itself will take a lot of time. But I remember some of the threads I have posted on this site this year. From them, I feel the given below thread is the good one. This is posted in the month of March 2017. I got TOW award for this post. I always believe in Teamwork rather than individual efforts. I always promoted the same in my career. Still, I follow the same. I feel this is the best one and I really like the concept. I believe the concept. I follow the concept. Thanks to the author for the thread which reminded all of us our old threads for a while.

    If I is replaced with We even illness will also become wellness

    always confident

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    Mr. Mohan, we are all aware of your contributions but if you could not search your best out of all, then let it be so.

    Sun, if you could provide the click able link, it would be better to go directly to your thread.

    Partha, I have seen that in forum, people like to read and response to small threads and not big one. I have not read your story but would like to read it.

    Dr Rao, good thread to be posted here. Those who has missed it can read.

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    I had raised only very few threads in 2017. Many were on TOW topics.
    Some of them were related to ISC and/ or for clarifying doubts . So, leaving all of them, I have shortlisted a few threads which I raised because I was really concerned and attached to the topic and matter. Irrespective of the number of responses, I feel they were and are relevant even at this time.

    While we thought our forefathers as orthodox and without scientific knowledge, from what we suffer now we can take that they were more wise, having vision , forethought and concern on many matters especially environment and nature For such a relevance I consider the following thread a the best of my threads in 2017:

    Were our ancestors wiser than us, or is it history actually repeating

    Thanks to the thread author for prompting us to revisit our forum threads of this year.

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    I think My best one can be this one.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    An apt thread for the year from the author. It makes us look at our presence in the forum checking on our ideas, some worth remembering, some that we wish we didn't post in the first place.

    I've chosen one thread that is close to me. When things are good, life is wonderful, there are people around us to share the joy and enjoy the benefits that they can get from us. But at times of hardship or when we are no longer useful to them, we have a few handful good souls around us. At times of such similar adversity, we have to rely on our inner strength to turn the very same adversity to our benefit and take advantage of it.

    If someone throws us out of their house, instead of feeling sad and depressed, we should thank the person for giving us a chance to knock the doors of few other houses.

    Can you turn your adversity to your advantage.

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    The best thread of mine during this year which I personally feel is What is the toughest examination?

    My another thread about Gandhism today got some valid responses which made me more happier. Gandhian principles are the ones which would never be disputed.


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    Mr. Venkiteswaran, I think your link is not that which you wanted to tell us. It takes us to "Father's Day" thread. Please look into it.

    Natrajan, like as always, it once again a thought provoking thread from you. Yes, apply it my adversity to my advantage teaching the same lesson to people which they provide me in the past. I am sorry, I am not Gandhian who can leave anyone or anything so easily.

    Jagdish Patro, the thread of yours show the true man what you have. Indeed, life is the toughest examination and one should not bow down no matter what the situation is. As far as your Gandhian thread is concern, people often talk about his non-violence attitude but forget that it was the same Gandhi who also gave the slogan "do-or-die". I have mentioned this in one of my thread post and saying again that how much non-violence word is this "do-or-die", should be debated.

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    Jeets, thanks for alerting me .I have rectified the mistake and now the link is working.

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    Jeets, I have posted a clickable link to the thread which I felt as the best thread of mine in the year 2017. If somebody wants to read that thread they can click on that and read it.
    always confident

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