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    How you plan New Year celebrations, friends?

    How you plan to welcome New Year on Dec 31st night?

    I think, most of the offices are running on low attendances as majority of them are on Holidaying. I am experiencing low traffic in Bangalore roads. What about your place?

    What is your programme? Or you want to keep it as a surprise?

    Wishing all of you a very Happy 2018!
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    All festivals are designed to enjoy differently but collectively with friends and relatives. On that day we can prepare dishes different from daily routine and share with relatives and friends with joy. New year celebrations were made practiced by our them rulers, British basically they are christians. In no way it is wrong to celebrate but that should be with sense. We many of us considered this festival for drinking alcohol without gender bias by totally forgetting our own culture.

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    We celebrate new year day on Ugadi day but not on 1st January. So this day will go like any other normal day. But we receive so many messages for wishing us a happy new year. We will also reciprocate. The 31st night we will sleep normally like any other day. January 1st, there is no holiday. So I have to get ready as usual and attend the duty. In the office, it will look like a festival day only. All the people wish each other happy new year. In my chamber, new year calendar of the Organisation will be displayed and the old one will be removed. The whole eight hours will go fast and everybody will be in the mood for exchanging pleasantries. This will be the atmosphere in the office. In the evening some people may come to my house and wish me a happy new year. This is how generally mu January first will go every year. This year also the same may be continued. There is no plan for any specials celebrations or cake cutting etc.
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    Personally, I have gone past the concept of get-togethers, parties etc. Earlier we used to watch the countdown programs but now even they have become too gaudy and loud for my liking. I just wait till midnight, see the firecrackers in the sky for some time and then simple wishes for the family. Next day is a normal working day with the difference being, everyone has a positive outlook as they start the new year. We do a simple pooja in the morning, then carry on with our routines. Till lunchtime, there would be wishing and greeting among colleagues. When time permits, we stop at a temple close by and pray. A couple of times we have bought a small idol or a photo of Lord Ganesha, a couple of times people have gifted us, hope to see how this year starts off. What I like is at least at the beginning of the year, everyone has a change in their behaviour and attitude as if all are good boys and girls for one day.

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