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    Are we orthodox or modern?

    Today we are living in an age of science and technology. The scientific advancements have changed the perception of the people as regards to culture, religion and traditions.

    Many of us are highly educated and scientifically aware of many things but still we believe in old rituals and traditions whether there is logic in them or not. Some people try to explain certain things on the basis of scientific advancements in the distant past but that is more of mythological nature.

    Even after so much advancement and scope for rational thinking many of us believe rather say strongly believe in old rituals and traditions and are very fearful of the results in case we do not follow those things.

    So we do not know whether we are modern in thinking and actions or we are still orthodox to quite a good degree.

    What is the opinion of the members on this?
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    I could not understand this thread properly and request the author to keep it simple. What kind of thinking he is talking about?

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    is it that orthodox people are not modern. It is very true that many people believe in our old traditions and rituals. Even many scientists and Engineers who developed many new theories and laws also believe that there is a supernatural power which is not visible to us and it is the force completely controlling the universe. Do you say ISRO chairman who makes it a point to visit the Chengalamma Temple in a town nearby SHAR centre in Andhra Pradesh the evening of the previous day of the launching of a satellite, is not a modern man because of his orthodox nature? I may not be able to understand the logic in the thought.
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    Orthodox means when we unnecessarily follow the old thoughts and that causes a kind of a pain in others minds and oneself too. When someone follows some stupid old rituals which are kind of very negative and pays no sense to anyone, then that is a symbol of being orthodox. People who are orthodox try to impose those old thoughts on others.
    It is not about only following old rituals, some rituals are a part of our culture and sacred, so we cannot call everything as being a part of orthodox behavior. I don't think there is any specific meaning of being modern. I need to understand, how we create a difference in the modernity of thoughts and how the traditional thoughts are. Does being modern relates to following western culture? Please help me understand.

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    Few decades ago, we were more orthodox, now I think we are orthodox inside trying to be modern on the outside. Many a few decades from now we can call ourselves more modern than being orthodox.As a child, I remember we could only leave our house if we have a mark of vibuthi on our foreheads, similarly women could only leave the house if they had a bindhi on their forehead.Now it not a great deal in our relatives circle. Similarly prayers on festival days, temple visits on birthdays, number of small religious events related to a marriage all are getting shortened as we tend to be more modern. Some use the excuse of not having enough time and guidance but I believe people are slowly starting to question the logic behind such rituals. Many would have seen animal sacrifice during head tonsuring ceremonies, now it is unheard of in the major metro temples, may be ongoing in rural areas. Early women during menstruation couldn't enter the kitchen or had to use the back door and be in a restricted part of the hose. Now everything has changed based on necessity and reasoning by the newer generation.

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    Studying science and using it as a means for living do not imply that the person is having scientific temper. It is a common practice that people make use of scientific/technical innovations to propagate against science and technology. Anti science propaganda are done through TV, cinema, net, etc. All these are innovations using scientific thoughts.
    Nobody can live these days without using science and technology, which are due to human efforts. Actually science is work; work is wealth; wealth is for people's betterment. Hence science is for people's betterment. It should not be used for making weapons to destroy the civilizations.


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    Orthodox? Modern?
    You know what else was modern? Steam engine in early 17th century. This simple invention was the predecessor of every machine we know. But don't we now find it orthodox. That means, every orthodox thing was once a modern trend. Eras go and come by. Science was always there and people always claimed themselves as men of science.

    Even around 300BC people were revolting against their religion and stood with science in ancient Greece. In India however religion and science always coexisted, because we derive science from religion here.
    Actually, orthodox has nothing to do with oldness. Orthodox means skeletal or structural belief.

    Then, no matter how modern we become, can we ever shun orthodoxy? No. You cannot stand without a skeleton.
    Modern era cannot stand on it's leg without its orthodox skeleton.

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