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    No display of non-vegetarian food items outside the shops in South Delhi.

    Recently we had few threads on vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Now the South Delhi Municipal Corporation ruled by the BJP has approved the ban on the display of non-vegetarian items outside the eateries and is likely to be implemented soon. The reason is hygiene and sentiments of the people. Any food whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian if displayed outside the eatery, it will be exposed to dust, flies, and insects. The proposed ban is limited to non-vegetarian items only. Why are the vegetarian items allowed to be displayed in an unhygienic manner?
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    It is not advisable to display any food items outside where there is no hygienic condition prevail. Whether it is vegetarian or nonvegetarian, it won't matter. In some of the remote areas in sweet shops and hot chips shops, the items are not covered properly and a lot of flies and other insects will be falling on those items. It is very unsafe to eat that food. In hygienic conditions, any food can be displayed. Why the Delhi Corporation has taken that decision I don't know. Most probably they don't want nonvegetarian to get sick I think. Otherwise, I don't see any logic in that decision. The people who have taken that decision only can be able to explain the reason behind this. If any other member can find a reason and explains it will be good that we will get educated.
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    I think, Delhi Municipal Corporation is more concerned about the health of meat eating people!

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    Any food items should not be prepared, displayed or served in open exposed to the dust and other pollution matters. I welcome the move of the Delhi civic authorities for taking this action. I have been in Delhi and they are fond of eatables outside and road side eateries wont have right hygienic way of making things. Delhi has been confronted with illness of all sorts from the people and the administration wants to have strict rules on eating habits which is first welcome step. But I would ask the civic authorities to consider the ban on every items being sold in open citing health reasons.
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    It is a good move to ban open display of non-vegetarian food items, as they attract insects and exposed to dust and all the other things in the air. The wetter the food product, the more the chances. One can argue that why only non-veg and not veg food dishes. Considering the keywords of party, place, and food, there seems to be a hint at a political bias. Many reports carry that the ban on raw and prepared meat outside/kept exposed also is that it affects the sentiments of the vegetarians in the area. Sounds like an unwanted issue, hope the authorities realize it and ban both. My worry is entirely another issue, how will the somosa vendors, pav bhaji sellers, bhelpuri and the channa vendors do their business. I think they have to go back to the oil tin like larger containers that food vendors use on the beaches to sell snacks. Now, it wouldn't be a surprise if all the vendors ask for financial aid to cover their food items.

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    I agree with the author on this part, that both veg or non-veg foodstuff when kept in open will undergo dust and not be hygienic to eat. But, the ban on Non-veg only would have been because of the sentiments of the people, because some people who do not eat Non-veg, are not able to see it also. But everyone will not be able to understand their concerns, because this type of a behavior is person specific.
    Earlier I also had the same problem, I was not able to see these items, but slowly and steadily seeing my team eating that food, I have overcome that habit. Hygiene is one very important reason behind it, but people's sentiments also have a major role here.

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    I live in South Delhi. I am a pure non-vegetarian. I used to get non-vegetarian food items before and I am still getting non-vegetarian food-items now without any hindrance. If the South Delhi Municipal Corporation has issued any such order (banning display of non-vegetarian items in the open), that has been done keeping in view the hygienic factor in mind and not to restrict food habits of people. If such an order is issued, I would support such order purely from hygienic point of view.
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    Though it is not good to display the food items irrespective of vegetarian or non-vegetarian is not advisable, many eateries doing so. In extreme south side of Tamilnadu, many roadside eateries are doing so. But though that is objectionable, many servers do not depose the items before serving and the eating persons are served hot and finish themselves quickly before getting polluted by dust. On the one hand, the prices of items are free from the additional costs like infrastructures etc., the crowd is preferring such eateries for reduced cost and normal quality. In outer side of Bhubaneswar, I tasted sweets prepared on the roadside which costs less and with good taste. In Chennai also many decent people are visiting roadside eateries. By seeing the crowd the sellers should prepare the dishes with care free from pollution and dust. In many places, we can see the slaughter shops hanged the goats and chickens openly without caring about the dusts etc., This should also be avoided.

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