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    Who is your role model?

    We all will have somebody in mind whom we feel is the best person and we feel that we should follow his footsteps in our life. When we are in college or education we always admire a person who is very famous in some field and try to duplicate him in our life. But as we grow, we all will become more matured and our thought process will change. At that age also we feel very happy with someone whom we know. He may be our teacher or our father or our senior colleague or our boss. We always think that we should follow him and take him as our role model. In my life, I always treat my father as my role model. I take his way of life as the ideal way and I always follow him in almost all the acts. Similarly, other members may also have some role models for them. I request members to respond.
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    For me my father is the role model. I get stunned and astonished the way he managed our family with great planning and he had no remarks either at the office nor in personal life. One person earning and 10 persons depending on him is something we cannot even think these days. He also made the right move to keep us stay put in Hyderabad and he used to be in different locations of India as his job was transferable after every three years in one place. He has to manage his expenses and would send money for our expenses. Just imagine with his one salary, he was managing our four sisters, four brothers and my mother and that was mind boggling attitude. Who else can be better inspiration than him as I always found him to be cool and composed not getting tension for want of money.
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    Obviously, the parents are the first teacher and role model for any kid. However, when we are matured, it may not be the same. Though, I will always feel to go with my father's foot print but sometimes our thoughts didn't match. I have not seen such honest man in my life as my father was. However, If ever I will chose my role model, it will be indeed Saurav Ganguly in current and given situations. I would always like to have such aggression, such never say die attitude, and always ready to prove myself when situation is just opposite.

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    I have been influenced by various people, but my core values are instilled by my grand parents. On growing up I have consciously imbibed many good values from my father. It is by seeing how he suffered or how he was exploited because of his naive and kind nature that I learned that one should be more alert and vigilant, and not to be swayed by other's cock- and- bull stories.
    Then, there are a few others like Gandhiji, Nehru, Dr C V Raman, DR APJ Abdul Kalam, 'Tuglak' Cho Ramaswamy etc whose works and writings influenced me.

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    Many of us have see role models in our parents, family members or teachers. Like most, my father is my role model and I try to mix some of my grandfathers mannerisms. I admire our parents who really worked hard quietly, managing travelling in cycles and city buses, earning a meager salary and bringing us up without making us feel the hardships of life. Sometimes, I struggle to see things once a month and wonder how did our parents or the previous generations ever manage it. Their responsibilities were always quite a lot as they had to contribute to the well being of their siblings, marriages of their sisters and younger brothers. We were always taught to put our heads down and do our work without having a fancy lifestyle or expensive habits. Taking care of family and saving were the key lessons as we grew-up. Now even with a handful of earnings it doesn't seem to stretch a lot like how our parents used to do.

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    My role models are my parents whose struggles in their lives inspire me and my brother. Not only in their current age, but also in childhood the problems they faced and how they got out of that still motivates us. I think making a hugely successful career, when you belong to a prosperous family is equivalent to the making a middle class career from poor background and that is what they did. I salute them from the depths of my hearts through this forum.

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