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    Are you a leader or follower?

    Every person has something extra on them which make them different in crowd. Sometimes we found it by ourselves and sometime people notice it. We live our life in such era where you have to run to compete with the world. While doing so we create our own image in our surrounding people. Some may like you some may not. some may come along with you and some may not. At work place or surrounding by your friends how do you feel yourself? As a leader or follower?

    I myself more a follower than a leader by heart but yes my work job has such when I need to lead it from the front. However, I always feel comfortable working behind the scene and supporting my teams to get success.

    How about you? Will you bring out your experience of life.
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    In my career, I am always a leader than a follower. Many of my juniors taking my guidance in their works.I will be guiding them in their tasks. Being a senior in the profession, having a good qualification and experience many people will try to follow me on their tasks. The people who worked for me and left the organisations 10 years back also contact me for the suggestion in some of their doubts. This is the position in my professional life.
    Coming to my personal life I am a follower. I always follow my father in all, the aspects. Coming to the maintenance of my house my wife is the leader.I am a follower of her. She will be deciding what do and how to do and when to do. All other members of the family follow her. I will be arranging the finances. She will be Organising. My sons and daughters in law will be executing the things. That how my life is a combination of leader, follower and advisor in various aspects of my life.

    always confident

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    In the whole world leader are lesser than follower because anyone can become follower by can not be a good leader . I feel I am follower as well as leader also. I am giving reply to this post so I am following your question but I am also raising lot of question and answer .

    I am writing blog also so people are following me there so there I am leader and here I am leader as well as follower. Leader may be different types and its depends upon field he selected.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    I'm neither a leader nor a follower but a person who goes with the flow. Because life has given me a chance to see leaders bite dust and followers rising to the occasion better than a leader. I also feel the image and importance of the leader is inversely proportional to the image and IQ of the follower.

    In simple terms, if there are many dumb followers, the leader automatically look like a living legend. But if the followers are smart and efficient, the leader by default becomes almost redundant and some even forget the presence of the leader. You can see such examples in politics, business, and committees.

    The concept that I'm a leader comes with responsibility and any arrogance or self-importance would mean the beginning of the end of a leader. I think the world is moving away from the concept of a leader and follower because it depends on the circumstances, opportunity at hand and the particular timeframe.

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    I never wanted to be a leader. During my education period I attended the classes without fail, never went out as part of student strike or the like. I was a timid student and never tried to speak before a gathering. This in my character there was no symptoms suited to become a leader.
    But after education and started working as a teacher, slowly I came to the front. It was together with joining an organization which was working for science popularization among the common people. As soon as I started working with that organization I had to take up its leadership. Through this I came to several other like organizations. Everywhere leadership came to me without my initiative. At present I am holding about half a dozen positions in different organizations. So I think I am belong to the 'leader' category, at least now.


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    If you are performer and discharging your duties regularly without fail, invariably you are setting the record for the others to emulate your way of working. Thus you become a leader in back stage as some may not accept others to be leader for them. And suppose when you make the first move and if others also starts to agree to your notion and also append their views similar to your expressions, then that is also called leadership. Yes we do have followers and we follow the ideals of some. But by following the ideals of some , we are being towed and watched with great interest and expectation by others. And when people seek advise and help from you from getting rid of pertinent problem, then you are duty bound to help them and that is also called leadership, Not every one shall have the capacity to give right advise.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I love to be a leader as well a follower. I will be a leader to the good followers, and will be a good follower of a good leader. Leader doesn't mean only political leaders, but a leader in my life to act the way I think and follow.
    No life without Sun

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    Won't the situation matter? Suppose you are asked to step forward to take charge of something at work, you could be the leader, taking it up as a challenge. There is situation also when you have to follow the leader's instructions. in some case, it may be that there is no leader or follower as such and all must work as team, such as in a college project.

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    Anandi, welcome to the ISC forum.

    Yes, situations does matter. There are time when you need to lead it because then you have no option. But, this is not what I am asking. You lead or follow depending on the situation but what one prefer to do, lead or follow?

    For an example, I myself have to lead my team at my work. However, I prefer to follow and work silently.

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    Actually I do not prefer either. I prefer to work alongside others. Don't know if I can explain clearly, but what I mean is for me working together in a group, giving suggestions but not being too bossy (not trying to lead) and speaking up if not agreeing (not trying to follow), is what I like. I get along fine this way.

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    Generally I don't want to be a leader or a follower. I want to remain aloof. However, under various circumstances I have had to lead teams in office. I have to play the role of unwilling leader.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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