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    Could anyone help to choose the name of the company?

    I'm pursuing graphic design and its time to make portfolio in which we have to choose any company like smartphone companies, restaurents, watch, clothes, Tyre....etc. After choosing we have to give a name according to the meaning of the company like Rolex Paint pvt. Ltd. company which shows that it is a paint company roll used to paint color on walls and name which is not copied from any sources. I choose paint but what name I'll choose which suits to paint company? I have to make logo on the basis of name and add some references of the company in the portfolio. You can also suggest any other company which is easiable to you to decide a name of the company.
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    Since you have chosen the paint company, then go for Nippon as the brand name and design the logo and other details on that name. Hope the name suggested would go with you.
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    Congratulations to you for making a decision of starting a company. You have chosen paint company. I suggest HC paints Pvt. LTD as the name of the company. HC stands for Himanshuchouhan. This is a choice, you can think of. Nice colours Pvt.Ltd., will also be a good name. But you have to see the availability of the name also. Wish you all the best.
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    You just want to decide the name of company which already don't exists in India right?
    Step 1. If so, You can find this of MCA website in india. Just type on google company name search india, you will get the link.
    Step 2: Search company name: like Rolex paint pvt ltd. Enter Rolex paint in search. You will find this ROLEX PAINTS PRIVATE LIMITED is already registered in Maharashtra in 2013 and its CIN number is U24233MH2013PTC247913. So, you cann't register similar name.
    Lets search HC Paints. You will see no results, possibly this name is available to register for company. So, you can create portfolio basis on this kind of company which is not registered etc.

    What exactly you want to for the company. So, that you can get review from them. Is it just Logo designing or anything else as well.

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    I suggest to have A2Z (A to Z) paints pvt ltd. I searched this name on the net, and there is no such name in use by any paint company.

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    Hi, the title is slightly misleading, hence some members are wishing you the best for starting the new company. You are creating a company as part of your graphic design course. For your project or portfolio, the name of your paint company could be 'Vivid Memories', 'Shades of joy', 'Hevanly Shades'or 'Hevanly strokes'. Think of such new names and you subtle shades with a happy family as your logo or use a character with a paintbrush in hand, as if it is painting the wall. Good luck with your project company for your studies.

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