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    Triple Talaq law: Will that benefit the Muslim women or escalate their woes ?

    History has been created by NDA government as it successfully passed the much awaited triple talaq bill which envisages greater freedom for the Muslim women who are vulnerable at the hands of gullible males who were either too misusing the talaq for their ulterior motives and now the law forbids triple talaq and hence Muslim women can live with pride. But Muslim clerics feel that this law would give more powers to the Muslim married males who may not give talaq but would silently harass her ? How do you rate this law ?
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    If a man saying Talaq in three times in any form including e mail or text message, the relationship will be over.
    Suppose if he is saying, I marry you, I marry you, I marry you, in front of anybody what will happen?
    I think, this 'instant divorce' system is already banned in Pakistan many years before. Then why so late in India?

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    Neeraj, why so late? It is because of vote bank, it is as simple as that to understand.

    Coming to the point, I am not talking about any religion here but for women who were left alone after divorced by their male part. It is indeed painful for some women to live their life with their kids without any financial support. So, indeed it is a good decision by the Government.

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    I welcome the decision. This is good for the Muslim women. If the husband is trying to humiliate the wife without giving divorce there will be every right for the ladies to ask for a divorce. Then the husband has to give suitable compensation to the lady for the lifetime. So we should congratulate the government to bring in this bill. I think this bill is brought out in the interest of the Muslim females and they will get some confidence in their life. The bill is welcomed by many people wholeheartedly. It is a good development.
    always confident

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    By the single step, the present Government has ensured life-long support of crores of Muslim women. This was reflected during Deoband Assembly of UP election. Although the Assembly is overwhelmingly Muslim majority constituency and despite the informal order of religious leaders and Muslim males, the Muslim females voted for BJP and consequently BJP has won the seat.

    This trend will be seen everywhere in India in the next Lok Sabha election.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Several Islamic nations may have outlawed Triple Talaq but the Indian liberals must scare Indian Muslims by saying Islam is in danger if India outlaws this practice.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I somehow missed this, It is certainly a blessing in disguise for the thousands of Muslim women in the country. Although I'm not aware of the true implications of the manner of saying Talaq three times legally and socially, I think this would save many for being victims of abuse. I read some reports of few factions crying foul and this being unconstitutional. But the reading majority of the remarks of Muslim women, they feel happy and that justice has been given to them after a long time. For me personally, if the religion allows it and the person wants to follow it, let him do it for tradition sake but for legal purpose, he has to submit the papers for divorce like other citizens of the country and get it granted within an agreed timeframe. In the interim, he cannot and should not enter into another relationship. Obviously there would be some objection for certain political parties, let's see what the Rajya Shaba decides.

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