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    In the name of new year eve party desist from having drinks as next day should be good

    It is the fact that youths were eagerly waiting for the new year bash and the celebrations are lined up in resorts, hotels and others places where in the grand functions would start at 8 pm on 31st Dec and extend up to midnight after the new year was born. Naturally boozing would take front seat and the youth would revel in their highest behaving attitude. They must understand that next day the new year starts and the people are eagerly waiting for them to wish in the wee hours itself. But what happens when the police arrest for drunk and drive and sent to jail. Be careful and behave.
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    Your thread looks good and what you said is absolutely correct.
    Generally, I never consume alcoholic drinks except in certain extreme unavoidable circumstances that also in very limited quantity.
    Regarding New Year, I believe, we can enjoy even without alcohol also. I don't know how many of you accept this! In this coming 31st,I prefer to stay in my house with my family watching movies and relax.

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    You are absolutely right. One need to start the new year with best. Drinking and wastage of money is simply a bad at all. Instead, youth should focus on betterment.
    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
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    I agree with the author. This is not at all good to have drinks in the guise of the new year. Consuming alcoholic beverages is not good for health. It is like inviting bad health by paying money. But these days it has become a fashion for many to take drinks on one or other pretext. Once they start like this it may become a habit also to them. We should invite new year with good thoughts and with a positive note. Inviting new year without understanding what is happening is not at all good. The whole year will be like that only. The next day that is 1st January will not be very productive for us if we take drinks the previous night and go to bed late. If the first day is like that the whole year will be like that. Another issue by any chance police catch holds them in that condition their problems will be countless. So don't think of having drinks on 31st night. Be with your family and spend quality time with them and the whole year will be excellent to you.
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    Very nice thread Mohan sir. I agree with you and I don't understand one thing, why do people consider that after drinking only they will feel very good that they can enjoy their best? I never understood such type of an attitude with all the males especially. Because even most of my team members are into drinking and they are going to do it on the new year night. Consumption of alcohol causes one to lose their consciousness, and how can someone feel that it would be the best way to enjoy. I never understood this concept. I feel dancing is the best way to enjoy. Just dance with some good moves on the DJ and you will be so happy and delighted. It's a great way to have fun in life
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    In Hyderabad I have seen news videos were most of the techies were caught for drink and drive while returning home late night.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Alcohol has a relaxing effect on brain when consumed in limited quantity and helps you loosen up a little. So for those who otherwise feel shy in dancing it is that little push to help them enjoy. It also helps in opening up to frank conversations.
    If somebody wants to party it should be done responsibly. Best is go to a disc with friends with hired cab so that when it is time to leave you can safely reach home. I have celebrated last 2 new years from 10 pm to 4 am partying in a nice disc in Mumbai and those are some memorable days for me and all my friends.

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    Every day is a new day to us. Does the author mean that we can drink on all other days and desist from drinking on the last day of the year. There is nothing wrong if we celebrate the new year with some boost. We take drinks on every occassion, may it be a birthday party, wedding party, funeral party. It is the latest trend being followed from a village to metro. New year is a big celebration by one and all on the earth. Little drink is not harmful.

    Let us enjoy the life the way we want to.

    No life without Sun

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    If at all you have to consume alcohol, you take alcohol, but do no allow alcohol take you.

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    That's right Venkiteswaran sir.. alcohol consumption if done should be in the limit, it should not be heavily taken to raise unnecessary issues in the surroundings.
    I have seen that people are so much lost in drinking, that they do it continuously and consider it as fun and think that with more drink, they will dance more and enjoy more. This is an insane thought.
    Anyways, nobody can change the world, but at least starting with a nice thought would be good, as this thread says.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Anyone who can afford alcohol can certainly afford a cab ride home. Why can't people just book an ola/Uber cab. In fact, I think parents and family should insist the party goers that, you go & enjoy a drink provided you take cab home or call us we will pick you up. There are many such reports in papers where sadly, people having birthday parties, driving back home drunk or even falling off the balcony from apartments. It's just a sad waste o life and a terrible ordeal for the families. A timely post, just this week, there was report of a software employee who was held for drunken driving after killing an innocent roadside individual and injuring some. So, with the new year coming, there would be many people who would love to enjoy the celebrations and take a chance to ride home. If anyone is out for the new year, please take care and be safe.

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