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    Why plum cakes for Christmas? Do you have a favourite cake?

    This is my 1st thread after the self-intro. Hope it's ok to discuss general things like this.

    I see lot of plum cakes in stores weeks before Christmas. Was wanting to know if there is any connection between plum cakes and the festival. There are others, like fruit cakes, but the ones with plums seem to be the focus. Why so? Any idea?

    I like plum cake, but prefer one from a bakery not the brand ones. Other cakes I like are the ones with walnuts combined with plums or with dates. You like any particular types?
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    I am also not having any idea why only plum cakes for Christmas. I have also observed that plum cakes are much in demand for Christmas. Coming to the cakes I like, I prefer cakes without egg. I like all types of cakes. But I will restrict myself to a very little quantity only when we cut the cake in our house for any function.
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    Well I do not have any idea as to why plum cakes preferred over other cakes during Christmas and even New year. May be children and elders may easily munch and swallow and easy to digest would be the strong reason.
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    In the good old days of the English tradition, people were making plum porridge using raisins ( not present day plums). This was the traditional English Christmas cake called as Plum pudding. Gradually other ingredients dry fruits, prunes were added. Slowly the Christmas plum porridge changed over the plum cakes. Some English varieties are also made with wine and alcohol. Theses plum cakes, especially the ones with walnuts and cashew are quite rich and filling. It has a good chewy taste and liked by many. The branded, pre-packed ones often have a longer shelf life with additives and after a little firmer when compared to the fresh bakery ones.

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    I take all the cakes that I see in the bakery shop. I could see the availability of plum cakes more than any other cake. Probably, the cake making must be easy.

    Last week, one of my relative girl came to my Bangalore house. She said that she had learned the art of cake making, and assured of making tasty cake. I said,'why not we try a cake today'. She was ready and asked me to get One Kg Maida, 250 grams butter,one Kg sugar, 500 gram nestle milk powder. I bought it and gave her. She made a cake that was excellent and tasty. I asked her the name of the cake. She said,"NONAMECAKE."

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    Plumcake must be the specialty of Christmas. I like Butterscotch flavored cake, i.e the caramel one.
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    Plum cake is a specialty from Christmas to New Year. But the reason behind this is not known to me. I like all types of cakes, but my special favourite is chocolate cake.
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