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    Can the salaried middle class afford a second child?

    It's every couple/parents dream to have children of their own, see them grow, take off in life and do better than the parents. Many can afford to have 2 or more children. For the salaried middle class, who have earn a living, pay taxes and manage the household on a limited budget, any extra event or a financial commitment becomes a hurdle that the couple have to find ways to accomodate.

    Bringing a child into this world, taking care of it means devoting time and resources for their well-being. Education is the next big challenge for the parents, securing a seat in the nursery schools and the primary schools is an uphill task that needs lot of money. Then at every step, parents have to plan for the upcoming expenses. The cost of living also has escalated a lot, especially in the big metros.

    Many middle class households exist on earning of both the husband and wife. Some are blessed with family members to take care of children, the rest have to arrange for childcare. So, dedicated resources, quality time and money for a second child is something that people have to think about. Some parents have already decided to have one child and take care of it adequately and cannot think of a second child until circumstances improve.

    Is it ok to have two children when we really can't afford or have one child and nurture it well?
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    We should not generalise the issues like this. This will depend on the perception and the thinking of the individual. In my opinion, everybody should go for two children. We don't know what will be there in the line for the children. If we have only one child and if unfortunately, something happens to that child, the parent grief can't be measurable. They will also think of retiring themselves from the life. The grief can go to that extent. To avoid such a situation in anybody's life, I feel they should go for two children. These days, it is not very difficult for the persons to take care of their children without thinking of very high wishes. An average life with good studies and facilities will be alright for the children. This all depends on the expectations of the children and parents. If we are all over greedy and over-ambitious then only problems will start. Otherwise, we can have a reasonably happy life with two children.
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    It is possible for a salaried middle class to have second child and can be nurtured well. We should not expect posh living and must adjust with what we have. Children can be reared with limited money and resources provided we do not expose the child to the luxuries of the nature and thus a child will be obedient and different from the modern child. Not that we should compromise the necessities of life, but we have to curtail the extravagant life and be normal. Do not compete with others in child nourishing and bring up the child in your own modest way. That will have greater effect on the character of the child too.
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    I do not think that the financial affordability cannot be taken as a criterion for having one or more children. In our country if we restrict the number of children based on income, perhaps the 'family planning' programmes by the Government would not have been there.
    Naturally income might be a criterion but if child is born any family will find its own way of bringing up the same.


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    The basic necessity for children to grow is food and parental care.
    If we carefully analyse our monthly spending, we can see that food forms only a very meagre part of our income. For the relatively low income people, the governments have made so many schemes which ensures they get food grains at rock bottom prices or even absolutely free. Then there are government hospitals and charitable hospitals and clinics ,government schools, noon meals scheme, lumpsum grants scheme etc for the eligible.

    In my place the government school gives noon meals, milk, vitamin/iron tablets, free uniform, free text books, no fees etc. Actually the parents need not spend a single pie for the basic education of the children at least till the high school.
    Even for higher education there are various scholarships, education loan schemes, fee concession etc.

    So I do not think second child is an additional burden for a middle class or even poor family in the present days.
    Why it seems burden and difficult is because, the people compare themselves with the wealthy ones and want to copy them and live like them with all luxuries.

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    Nataraj sir, I coincide with your thoughts because population in India goes on raising day by day. According to that enhancement in the population, automatically, middle class person's salary is not sufficient to fulfil their daily needs and future needs of the children. Mainly, education for the children becomes costly than before. From nursery stage parents have to spend the money which is equivalent at higher secondary stage. Therefore, it becomes very hard task for the parents to restore the money just like food.

    Moreover, orthodox families are facing such problems because the whole expense of the family depends upon the expenditure from the salary of elder of the family. Therefore, it becomes easier for a middle class person to live happily with their children if and only if he maintains economical assurance by living in systematic manner.

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    Very good replies. Mr.KNC, you were asking about how to write, when you are already doing a good job. You have brought out a valid point, many traditional or orthodox middle-class families have to struggle and often depend on the eldest son/daughter sometimes. Such people are stretched from both sides, the families they come from and the family they start on their own. Well done.
    The other members have expressed that yes, it can be done, families can have two children provided they plan and have a realistic expectation in life rather than a luxurious lifestyle.

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    Today the living standard has gone up considerably even for middle class and it becomes difficult to financially look after more children.

    So the question is coming how many children we can afford to bring up. It actually depends on how you manage your expenses. If one can limit some luxury and unwanted expenditures then it is possible to have even two children and take care of each with the same financial level.

    It is a personal matter to go for one child or two as some people just avoid it due to the hassles of upbringing a child so it is not entirely the financial angle that is involved in such decusions.

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    There is nothing wrong with having two children. Whatever the parents earn will spend for the family. Having only one child may cause problems for the child. The child will be alone. The parents generally do not allow the children to go out and play with other children out of fear thinking about the safety. The lone child will develop psychological problems. They may not be able to mingle with others. If there are two children they have company to play with and interact. The children will also grow up happily both mentally and physically.
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