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    Pampering Parents and their Poor Children

    Parents shower their love and affection on their children, but some of them go overboard thinking that they are doing a very good job, when in reality they are harming their own child or children.

    Most of us, as children have played in the sand or mud in the parks and playgrounds, have had minor injuries and dusted them off. Some parents are so protective that they always hover around the children play and rush the moment the child trips down or falls down.

    For such parents, allowing their child to ride a bicycle becomes an anxious event, this is despite helmet, shoes,elbow guard and knee guard. Most of us wouldn't even remember how many times we have had falls and injuries when we learnt bicycling.

    It is a mini crisis, if the child catches a cold, tablets, syrups, a few visits to the specialist clinic is common. It is perfectly normal for kids to catch a cold, a viral fever, and such minor aliments help in boosting the child's immunity.

    Children need to explore, learn to handle themselves in a group, should know how to interact and be safe. They need to know how to find a solution to a practical problem, what joy, sorrow, arguments, sadness and difference of opinions mean. All these make the child street smart, when they start going to higher education, stay in a hostel and finally start their lives.

    Unfortunately, some over anxious parents watch over their children with such diligence that the poor child never gets a chance to learn all these lessons of life. Some pamper them so much that the child has never learnt what no is, what dejection or refusal means.

    So, Please love your children but also learn to step back and let them 'grow' in life.
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    Over pampering the children will do harm only to the children. We should love them and provide them with all the chances to excel in their lives. But providing them everything they want and over caring for them will bring problems to them only in their lives. I know a parent. He purchased a bike for his son. While trying to learn the driving his son once fallen and had a small injury. Then his father never allowed to learn the driving. So today the child is grown up and he is not able to go on a bike anywhere. Either he has to go by auto or by a taxi. The bike just standing in the house. His cousin learned the driving with that bike and uses that merrily. We may have a little upset when we are trying to know and learn new things, but we should give up. The parents should allow their children to understand the difficulties also. Then only they can come up with their lives.
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    Pampering the children is the right and most accepted attitude of any parent especially the mother. And when the child happens to be the first issue, then the pampering would be more. If the first child is boy, then the happiness in the couples cannot be ruled out and they would give all comforts to the child at the cost of forgoing themselves. But pampering should not be at the cost of child getting deviating from normal living. In one of my friend's house his child eats the dry fruits daily. When the same child comes to my house or others house we may not offer dry fruits. The child gets restless and wants to return home. Like wise before going to bed the child wants a ride in the car with air condition on and then sleep. Such kind of pampering wont help and that would be hindrance for the parents to discontinue the luxury living.
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    Parents should not be over-protective because that makes the child weak and lazy then. They won't make efforts to learn anything if parents become over-protective for them.
    This harms the child in the long run. Parents need to focus on a child when and where needed and rest they should leave them, try to make them independent to handle in every situation.
    For this, they need to develop a healthy understanding with their child.

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