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    Advanced Air Defence Supersonic Missile. is successfully test fired.

    Any good achievement for Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). Yesterday in Balasur the above missile is test fired and the test is successful. This missile is having its own launching device and can attack enemy's missile successfully. This is developed with complete indigenous technology.This is the third successful test firing. In this test, our time-tested Pruthvi missile played the role of Enemy's weapon. It was launched from Balasur and the radars identified this missile and sent an alert message to the AAD and AAD got activated and attacked the enemy's missile and managed to down the missile to the Bay of Bengal. This AAD functioned from the Abdul Kalam island in the Bay of Bengal. This is another feather in the cap of DRDO Scientists. Let us all congratulate the DRDO for this achievement.
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    India's defense preparedness further highlighted with successful launch and rightly attacking the target by advanced air defense system developed by DRDO based at Hyderabad. Good that when Pakistan is making cheap politics in the Jadhav case, this launch would be the warning signal to enemy country that it cannot test the patience of India always. In fact BJP Leader Subramanyam Swamy as demanded war with Pakistan. May be the government making everything ready to wage war against Pakistan. One thing is sure when Pakistan does atrocities, other countries keep quiet, so we have to defend ourselves and take action.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    As of now it is a proud moment for our scientists , engineers and technicians especially those who are engaged in research for defence purposes. As a patriotic citizen I feel more proud and confident about our defence preparedness. I congratulate all those associated with the project.

    However when we I go deep and view it in a philosophical and universal human nature analysis, I find it worrying only. Just as more e hospitals only means more illness and ill health; more arms and weapons means the world is having more enmity and hatred; not love and peace.

    Sometimes deterrence is a measure to prevent the enemy from going for some misadventure. But I would wish that the world lives with peace and love.

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    Congratulations to the DRDO, with this missile launch, India has joined the list of three other countries (USA, Russia, Israel) with this capability of bringing down a missile with our own missile. The sophisticated interceptor(missile) files at five times the speed of sound. This would enable our country to be able to defend strategic places and cities if the enemy makes a mistake of launching a missile. Every Indian should be proud of this because we are slowly evolving from being a meek observer to a weak neighbour to a force to reckon when our neighbours keep troubling us often. Gald to note that many of the advanced military might of our country is Made/Make in India, this makes it even more special. Whether our neighbours acknowledge it openly or not, they would sure be worried about this new development. As Venkiteswaran sir says, it's sad that weapons are developed by not peace but, Mr.Partha aptly quoted yesterday, to live in peace, we have to prepare for war.

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