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    Is child behaviour better or worse than it was years ago?

    I was watching the interview of Satguruji where he was talking about today's kid or youth. He was talking about the informations which are easily available nowadays, creating today's kid more mature than their age. Indeed, he was having a valid and burning points. This is where I thought to post such thread to get discussed with our knowledgeable members.

    Before I start, just have a look of our childhood. I don't remember that till 10 years of my age, I have ever uttered "I am bored" with something. Nowadays, it is often I see kids those who are not even reach to 7-8 years old, utter he/she is "bored" with something or related to something. It does mean that the information he/she has is reached to such level where they need something more. If such situations are continue, how our kids will behave when they reach their mature age?

    Would not be by then, everything will be finished for them and they look for something new. If yes then what? And if they do not get anything new to learn what will happen?

    So, do you think our child behaviour is different from our age kids?
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    It is definitely different. In our childhood days, we have fewer amenities to get informed about various happenings in and around the world. We didn't even see a landline phone in our childhood days. We used to get a newspaper in the afternoons which is the only source of information to us. Whatever we learn from our books and seniors is the only education we get. But these days kids and children are having many ways to get informed about. They have a cell phone in their hands, they have a TV to watch different channels to get educated. They have internet and laptops to know what is happening around. They have facebook, twitter and other social media sites to interact. So the IQ levels of these children are very much on the higher side compared to the IQ levels of the children earlier days.
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    I think that it is not the knowledge of kids because our childhood knowledge is practical one. For example, during holidays, with our friend circle, we played at our cherished places like fields and grounds etc. Boring problem of kids living in cities is more comparing with that of villages. In villages, kids are spending their time with their friends in playing in natural way. But it happens at my childhood. But now, no one is living in villages. With mechanical life, parents arrest the wings of kids by providing them games without exercising their bodies. This is the main problem in kids having boredom during present scenario.

    It can be removed by giving practical exercise other than using games without moving body parts. Sports will give remedy to boring problem of kids.

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