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    All temples are very much crowded.

    Today is a very auspicious day as per the Hindu Calendar. Today is Vaikunta Ekadasi.Today in all Vishnu temples in Andhra and Telangana, North doors of the temple will be opened. All others days these doors will be kept closed. Today all devotees will be allowed to the temple through this door.Today all three crore Devatas will try to serve the Vishnu and be happy.It is a belief for all Hindus that the people who will have a head bath and have the darshan of Visnu through the North Door will attain Moksha. So all the temples in almost all places are very crowdy and people started coming to temple very early in the morning from 4 AM itself.
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    When generally we complain that people are losing faith, it is good that people throng temples at least on such special occasions. Nowadays I avoid crowds and heavy rush. So as far as possible I do not visit temples on such crowded days.

    Today when I telephoned one of my relatives, they were on the way to a Kubera Temple, about an hour's drive from their place. It is also believed that it was on this day that Kuchela (Sudama) visited Krishna and by the blessings of Krishna, poor Kuchela became a prosperous and wealthy man.

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    "Sorka Vaasal"(The Entrance to Heaven) is open today for all to get in. This happens in Vishnu Temples only. First, Lord Vishnu enters this gate, and his devotees follow. People fast on this day by eating only Dosai. It is known as 'Vaikunta Ekadesi'. Tomorrow will be the celebration. People complete their fasting by having a good meal. The meal will include the "Agatti Keerai"(West Indian pea-tree leaves).There is a belief that people who fast and pass through the heavens gate located on the north side of the temple will reach the Heaven after their death in their real life.
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    In our neighbor hood also, all the temples are crowded. There are floral arches near the Gopuram and temple entrance and people are patiently standing in queues to get their turn to see the Lord.Even Ganesha and Shiva temples are crowded. Glad that the police are help people to maintain follow of traffic around these temples.Some may not believe in God but I'm glad to see the number of people in the lines waiting to get inside. This reflects that people have faith and on this auspicious day, they find time to visit the temples. Often, many visit temples to offer a prayer and seek blessing or thank for the guidance they have received but today interesting, those who visit temples leave with the belief that they will reach heaven. We have offered prayers at home and plan to visit the temples later this evening.

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    The title of this thread is 'all temples are very much crowded'. But the text related to Vishnu temples only. That means only a fraction of total temples. Again in this case there seems to have differences among States. In Kerala only in limited number of temples this Ekadasi celebration is there, of course in Vishnu temples. In many of these temples also not much celebration is seen, except perhaps temples such as Guruvayur.

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    Nice to know more about our Hindu culture. Is this festival celebrated only in South India? Maybe I do not have that much knowledge about it. I have heard Vaikunth Dham is there. I know 'Ekadashi'. Such crowd is observed on 'Shiv Ratri' in North India, in Delhi or Gurgaon.
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    Myself and My wife had the darshan of Lord Lakshminarayana at 4.30 am yesterday and felt blessed to have the blessings of Lord early in the morning. My children were sleeping and we had the darshan. Every year we make a point to visit either Lord Venkateshwara Temple or Lakshminarayana Temple to have the darshan through Uttara dwaram. The legend says that those who have the darshan of the Lord through the North door on this auspicious Vaikunta Ekadasi or Mukkoti Ekadasi day, they are assured of going to heaven after death. Though we are sinners on every count, we do expect Moksha.
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