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    Do you cover with the blanket in winter and switch on the fan when you sleep?

    Do you cover with the blanket in winter and switch on the Fan! Sometimes Human mind is so Peculiar and we can't able to tell why we are doing that as in winter we feel very cool especially at nights and we cover blanket and switch on fan when you sleep why we are doing like that some people will try to give explanation of having mosquitoes and we have still mosquito repellent machine and still we switch on fan.Why are we doing this?Is our Mind not working or we have habituated for the fan.Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Generally, I want more breeze to sleep. Without the breeze, I can't sleep. This is how I got habituated. So I will always switch on the fan and sleep. I use woollens but rarely cover with a blanket. Even in summer even though AC is on, I will switch on the fan otherwise I will not get sleep. I observe that many people have the same habit. They wrap their body in a blanket and switch on the fan even on cool nights also. Probably this may due to the requirement of air breeze only I think.
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    Using blankets to protect from chillness but fan to protect ourselves from mosquitoes. Even in ac room many I have seen covering with blanket, that too woollen blanket. In some houses I have seen persons sleeping without any blanket or bedspread over them in ac room. These are all by practice.

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    During your school days, have you read the story about the fish-vendor woman spending a night at the house of her flower seller friend. Despite the fragrance of flowers, she can only sleep with her fish basket next to her. Similarly, humans are creatures of habit. We are habituated to certain places, certain sounds, and certain practices. I can only sleep soundly with my two pillows. I think mosquitoes, breeze, fresh air are all excuses. I've heard some people who say they need a fan as without it they feel suffocated, but after some time you'll find their faces also covered by the bedsheet. Babies are even smart, in many households, babies are gently swayed to sleep in a cloth hammock. When the tries to pass the swinging job to another member, the baby senses the difference and does not sleep. I think is more to do with what we are used to while going to sleep.

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    Those who does not have the air conditioners, they have to depend on fans and during the winter also we have the necessity of switching on the fan and of course with lesser speed. And since we live in the colony with full of greenery and trees the temperature is relatively chill when compared to other areas of Hyderabad and there for covering a blanket the whole body has become necessary for every one , otherwise we shall have to confront with the cold next running nose next day. By the way I get astonished that even in this severe winter some people have the habit of having bath in cold water. That is really challenging. And during winter we go for the hot items as food in the morning and evening too. But as far as possible we must protect the babies from winter as they hesitate to have the blanket over their face and body.
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    Yes. This behaviour is very normal and common. I think the reason would be, we want to create our sleeping temperature to sleep, neither too cold nor too hot.
    So we alternatively keep increasing and decreasing the temperature.

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