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    Let's Write about something you are really good at

    We are all emotional human being, If we have our negative side, we do have some positive. The crater of this universe has made us such a way that we can survive in this mother earth with our own capacity. So, why not today we write about something in which we are really good at? Whether it is in Art/science/history or anything, let's just revive ourself with good feeling to start the new year in positive way.

    Let me start, Apart from my other negative side, I have some good quality of positivity in me. But, I am not going to talk about it here. If anything I am good at, it is only and only in "Music". It is my bread and butter along with my passion in which I can honestly say I am very good. I can play various musical instruments, I can sing as well and have little knowledge about reading and writing music. I am in this field from past 21 years and I try to spread my knowledge as much as possible to this world.

    How about you? Let's come and tell to this world about you!
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    Frankly writing. I am a good mechanical engineer. Also, I am an engineer by birth. I can make things work. I don't let the waste things go away from my home. The best example is my good old Padmini (44) who is with me and providing better services. Car driving is my passion. Everyone wonders how I manage my Padmini at her old age.
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    Apart from writing and taking active part in this site, I am also having a passion to write on news papers letters to the editor column. I was very active prior to coming here. But for the past eight years I am not active in papers. However I am giving content writing for various magazines on varied subject. The subject is given by the editor and I shall write on my own having inputs from various sources. I do not have time to learn music or car driving. But I love travelling to various places on two wheedlers and I wont get tired at all. Sooner or later I shall learn how to drive the car.
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    I think I am an ordinary man without any special skills. I studied, earned the degrees they worked and came up in the field of my work. I know driving. But I don't have any skill in any other fields. I know a little about badminton. I like hearing the music. My writing skills are average. But I am a little good at chemistry. I can teach Chemistry in a better way to graduates and postgraduates. I am a good manager and administrator, the art which obtained from y experience of almost 30 years in the Industry.
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    I cannot say that I am best. I consider myself as an ordinary person , with all the plus and minus seen in such an ordinary mortal. But I can say that I am not at all aggressive, I always want peace and hate war, I would as far as possible accommodate and include even those who have opposing views. Like any other ordinary person of my times and situations I had to slog for years keeping aside my personal interests and talents. I am a person who always will first comply with the rules and regulations and laws- which is misunderstood by others as selfishly siding with the authority. I have musical talent and rhythm inside me. But my greatest regret in life is that I could not learn vocal music nor any musical instrument in spite of my maternal grandfather being a multi talented person in vocal and musical instruments (Because he told me to wait till I complete my high school, but I lost him by the time I came to that level)

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    Good post from the author, accepting that we all have a negative or darker side as humans. But we keep it away and focus on the positive side. I'm an average professional who has been struggling to maintain the balance between professional life and family life. I have the ability to be happy with whatever little that God has given me in my hands and above all, I avoid creating harm to others around people. This has made me a victim of being duped by the very people who should have helped me. The closer people are the deeper they plunge it on our backs. But God has given me the ability to stand up every time so far and I help people whenever possible. I think/hope this is a good quality for me. But I have miles to go before I can rest as I need to see my children starting off their careers and lives.

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    Nice post sir, yes we should always focus on things that keep us happy and relieves our mind, something which we re really good at.
    Except my job and the writing here that I do. My passion and craze have always been for dance. Most of the people know it here. I was learning contemporary dance form, but due to some reasons I stopped and could not continue it. But again in the coming year, I am planning to re-exercise my thought and go for some aerobics stuff or some classical dance form learning, I have always looked to be professional in this part, but could not devote time for it.
    But I am going to give a thought to my interest now. I have also started my own dance classes, will try to make it a success in the coming year, not a very professional start but yes, a great start of course. I am going to work on this thing the coming year... This post revived my thoughts for my passion and I have some more ongoing positive thoughts on it. Thank you Jeets sir.

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    #621209 - No one is asking anyone to provide their character certificate here. How you behave and how you see the things in different manner is not asking this thread. However, when a person has largest liking by people, when a person have faith from people and when a person can influence people, that person has the moral responsibility to give any statement without taking side of anyone. He has the moral responsibility to look in to largest picture when justifying someone or something. He just can't run to support authority people just because he/she wants to follow the "rules".

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