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    What one common fear you are not able to overcome?

    People have different common fears. Some may fear with height, some fear with pet, some fear with ghost etc. I too have such fear which I am not able to get away with. And, that is while using the lift. Whether it is small building or taller, I often have to use lift. For the 2 or 3rd floor, I prefer to go by stairs than using lift but when to go to higher floor, I have to use the lift. I don't know why but I fear as if the lift will break down and fall.

    The other fear I have the most is from Dog, I change the way if ever I see a dog approaching on my way.

    Do you too have such common fear?
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    I have fear phobia of giant wheel. While I was a child we all went to Hyderabad Industrial exhibition and there I was forcefully put on the giant wheel much to my discontent. I had terrible vomiting and the uneasy was there for over one hour. From that day I never go for giant wheel ride nor recommend to our children. While there is not fear factor of others things, I used to fear for the dogs. But one of my friend gave me the tip that whenever the dog comes charging say the dog name and that would understand that you are known. And then the dog even bark on seeing us. This is real.
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    I have a fear of dogs.Generally, I avoid going to the house of persons who are having dogs in their house.My sister is having two dogs in their house. So I hesitate to go to their house. But I can't avoid always. So before going to their house, I will inform her so that she can keep the dogs tied down. They will not leave them as long as I was there.
    I don't have fear of street dogs. I don't worry much about those dogs.
    I always look for a good omen before I start my travel If there is any bad omen I get fear of that journey. I will come back into the house sit for some time. Wash my hands and legs and then again start.

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    I have a fear of lizards. Also, mostly all animals. However not as much as how I am scared of lizards.
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    I am afraid of dogs too. I have a very good friend of mine who has a dog, I always avoid going to her home because of her dog.
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    Many people have fear of certain common things that would be harmless to some. It is more related to previous bad experiences or just an unexplained but profound fear of day to day events, objects or animals. For me the biggest fear is heights. I cannot stand in a balcony or the parapet of a tall building or a very steep staircase and look down. I'm okay if I'm in a closed room on top of a tall building or flying in an aeroplane. But I cannot come very close to the edge or look down from the top. The fear of heights started with a fall from a steep old iron spiral staircase. The second thing I fear for are a group of dogs especially at night time when riding a two wheeler, it's very scary, again for the fear of being attacked in the leg or being injured.

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