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    If feet is not properly washed(means all parts of feet should be wet) then lord shani will punish

    hi ,
    Usually people say that lord shani will punish those who will not properly wash the feet especially after urination or toile(morning ablution),
    i.e. all parts of feet should be wet, but chances are there that some part of feet that is ankle may not be wet , is this true ?
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    Not exactly. When you perform a job, you should do it perfectly and fully satisfactorily. Imagine, if some dirt is left out on your feet, don't you feel uncomfortable. Same is the thing told in a different way involving Shani who is a dreaded lord.

    During my childhood, whenever I used to take oil bath, my dad used to ask me to apply the oil (Gingely oil)to my whole body without leaving any space vacant . If left, lord Saturn would come and sit in that area and trouble us. Gingely oil is the pet oil of lord Saturn.

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    It is actually a precaution to avoid unhygienic conditions and keep the house clean and neat. But people will not care so much if we say that it is for cleanliness. They will not give much weight age to the words. Many of us are having a fear of God. So this type of sayings is made to keep cleanliness. It is always better to wash out feet thoroughly when we go out and come to the house. In olden days the attached bathroom concept was not there. To answer the nature's calls people used to go out. So the practice of washing feet thoroughly after the activity is advised.
    Similarly, so many points which are important in our life to be followed were introduced in our lives in the name of the God so that every one of us will follow without any deviation.

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    If you observe any temple of Shani Maharaj, especially tomorrow ie Saturday, you will see a big crowd. Almost everyone washes their feet religiously before entering the temple. They take extra care to turn around and get the heel and back of the ankle wet. Children and new youngsters may not do it. But all regular visitors do it. This practice is also carried out in all major temples. The very busy temples have the slipper corner followed by a place to wash hand and feet. As we climb the first few steps, many temples have piped water slowly flowing like a stream so that all get a chance to wash their feet. SImilar to morning washroom activities or coming back home from the office, I've always been taught to wash the feet and back of ankle and heel properly. This gets rid of all the ''ímpurities', In some communities apart from washing, you have to enter keeping your left foot forward and exit the toilet with the right foot first. If people do not beleive in these rituals, at least they can do it to keep their feet clean.

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    Thanks you all for clarifying and sharing your views.

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    It is not the Shani that will embrace you when you are unhygienic, even diseases shall make friendship with you. After attending toilets washing hands, legs and cleaning mouth is important to keep away the dirty germs entering other areas of the house. Normally every one is afraid of Shani effect as those who have gone through the Shani period of seven and half years would bring all sorts of challenges and even inducing to commit suicide or ran away from the life. That is why on taking its name people would mend their ways and be cautious too. So keeping hygiene is associated with Shani.
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