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    My experience with World Telugu conference at Hyderabad

    Recently, world Telugu conference was held at Hyderabad. As a teacher, I have attended this programme on 15th, December. I think that this programme is remembrance in the history of Telugu because Telugu language occupied 16th place in the languages of the world. As Telugu speaking people, still now, respond to government orders in English. Recently, Telangana government took initiate in the implementation of Telugu language usage in every government activities. I think that it is a positive change to take recognition of Telugu as ancient one by the central government. If anyone else having about this conference, please be free to share with me here to know some more about it
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    I have not participated in the conference. But I read various news about the conference. The conference was successfully conducted and a lot of appreciations poured around. Many people praised the Chief Minister of Telangana for giving a push to the Telugu language. But the conference completely ignored the neighbouring Telugu speaking state. This is the conference conducted for the upliftment of Telugu without any political affiliations. But the organisers not even bothered to call the other Telugu state Chief Minister. This conference is world conference but conducted as Telangana Telugu conference. However, it is good for conducting good conference and congratulations to the organisers for making the event a grand success. The language should get a push with these events and the lost pride of the language should come back and the saying of Sri Krishnadevaraya should be made true once again.
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    Well done Mr.KN Charyulu, you have started posting threads in the forum. The thread and the title are related and convey meaning. As discussed in your previous thread, I would phrase the thread along these lines.

    As a teacher of Telugu language, I had the good fortune of participating in the recently concluded World Telugu Conference, held at Hyderabad between 15-17 December 2017.
    Given that Telugu is an eloquent language that has existing for many centuries, it is ranked at 16th among the list of languages of the world. This conference was appropriate for bringing the attention of people in India and the world about this great language. There were many programs highlighting the unique aspects of the Telugu culture like classical songs, dances, poetry etc. Many well-known figures who have contributed to the development of this culture we honored.
    To motivate staff in Government offices towards developing an interest in this language, the Telangana Government has taken the bold initiative to implement Telugu as the official language for official work, instead of English.

    If any other ISC member has attended the conference, please share your views and experiences.

    Mr.KNC, hope you like it.If it's useful or not please post a reply.

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    Telangana chief minister assured that Telugu conference will be held in December of every year. As Srinivas Rao sir told it would be good if neighbouring Telugu state would be invited to this conference. I think that there are some reasons behind it but it is none of our business. During five days programme, every Telugu expert might be appeared there. I am new to the literary points in Telugu. Even I am not a Telugu teacher, I attracted to some skills presented in this conference. I would like to know from ISCians if they knew the language skills in Telugu.

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